It’s Official, I’m a Band Mom!

The day finally arrived – he got his band uniform!

I’m disturbingly excited about this; it’s almost embarrassing how excited I am.

Just ask Jazz. 😀

When he got to the car, and I didn’t see him carrying a garment bag, my first question was,

“Where’s your uniform?”

NOT, “How was your day?” or “Did you see President Obama’s speech?” (Jazz didn’t, but Dude did) or even a “Hey buddy.”

But rather,

“Where’s your uniform?”

I’m like a cocaine addict looking for my next fix! *blush*

Anyway, he mumbled something about how the other kids were lined up getting theirs but he was too tired to deal with it and before he could even finish his sentence, I marched (pun intended, obviously) him right back up to the school and Dude and I waited in the car until he returned with his garment bag.

Which STINKS to high heaven, I might add. Wow. That was one of the first things I did when we got home was spray it down with Febreeze.


Anyway, we spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out where everything went (I still don’t think we have the gauntlets [the things on his wrists] right), and I’m sure we must have looked like an episode of the Three Stooges (because Dude felt left out and started fooling around with his hat which only complicated matters but it was funny that he wanted to be involved in some way), but finally, we got the thing on.

At least, I HOPE it’s on right. I guess he’ll find out if it’s wrong the first time he wears it to a performance.

Which is THIS Friday, I might add.

Can you TELL I’m excited??!

He still needs to get the feather for his cap (Heh), his gloves and his shoes but overall, he’s ready to go. I need to adjust the pants’ length, they’re too long, of course (all of his pants are always too long, though they actually aren’t as long as I thought they might be) and Kevin will have to monkey-rig his hat somehow so it’s a bit more snug (his head is actually too big for a small, but not quite big enough for a medium – naturally), but we’ll fine-tune it so that it’s comfortable for him to wear before Friday night.

And there’s my son …… a member of his high school marching band.


I’m so proud.


(If any of you band veterans out there have some advice on how to make his hat snug or how to keep his hair out of his face and in his hat, I’d appreciate the tips!)

Updated: By the way, Jazz called me while he was getting measured for his uniform and needed to know how tall he was. I had no clue. So I guessed about 5’2. When we got home, we measured him — 5’5!!! This won’t mean much to most of you, but family and friends will be shocked. Jazz has always been short and puny for his age. Not anymore! He’s really catching up to his peers! Wow … 5’5. I’m like, in shock.

2 thoughts on “It’s Official, I’m a Band Mom!”

  1. Oh, and a funny marching band story – my mom always found me on the field by looking for the short person next to the really tall person. I was the short one. I still am.

  2. Well, since he’s a guy, I won’t suggest bobby pins or barettes. That’s what the girls do. I’m sure he’d appreciate that. Get him a do-rag – you know, a bandana or something. You just have to make sure that it doesn’t show in the back. Or a swim cap would work, but that’s kind of dorky. Or he just needs to pull his hair straight back and pull the hat down as far as possible over his forehead.

    Of course, sweat will help keep his hair in place. Disgusting, I know, but a part of marching in Texas.

    Or, if he wanted to take drastic measures….he could just get a haircut.

    As far as keeping the hat on straight, it’s near impossible. Those hats don’t ever fit right. Even ones that are the right size tilt as you move your head. The best advice I have is to tighten the chin strap as much as possible, pull it over the forehead as much as possible, and learn to keep your head straight. It still will probably be lopsided after a while, though.

    I hope you keep on sharing the marching band tales. I’m reliving my high school days through your son. I know, I’m pathetic. 🙂

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