Fighting the Battle to Sleep

sleep-apnea2 I have a confession — I haven’t slept with my husband in over two years.

And when I do have, er, GET to sleep with him, I wear ear plugs.

I have to. The man snores something FIERCE.

I’ve known Kevin for 21 years, and in that 21 years, he has never slept very well. He can fall asleep okay, but it’s staying asleep that seems to be the problem.

As a result, he’s a walking zombie. He wakes up tired, he’s sluggish all day and when he drinks any sort of caffeine, it keeps him up and only adds to his existing sleep problems.

I feel sorry for the guy.

He has tried ALL sorts of things over the years to help him sleep better. Different pillows. Air purifiers. Over-the-counter medications. Diet.


You wouldn’t believe the hundreds of changes he’s made to his diet over the years. One week, he’ll eat something and is convinced it’s the cure to his sleep problems. The next week, it’ll be something else. The week after that, it’ll be a combination of things. The following week, he’ll cut something out of his diet.

And on and on.

It has gotten to the point that it’s a joke with us now. He’ll comment on having slept really well and it must be (insert reason/food here) and THAT is the reason he hasn’t slept well all these years.

And of course, it’s never the cure.

I’ve been telling him, for years, that he has sleep apnea. And the reason I think this is because I’ve listened to the man at night – he stops breathing for short periods of time and then gasps for air when his reflexes kick in. I don’t think it’s very bad, but it happens often enough that he wakes up two, sometimes three times a night with a headache and blocked sinuses.

The man has a mild case of sleep apnea.

He has pooh-poohed me. He hasn’t wanted to admit to the possibility. And so, various hypotheses have been born over the years.

Finally, dear God finally, he has thrown in the white towel. He’s willing to entertain the thought that maybe, juuuust maybe, he does indeed have some form of sleep apnea.

So we went to the doctor today. I say “we” because his doctor requested his sleep partner to come with him. Though I wasn’t convinced I would be of any help, I haven’t slept with the man in two years, after all, I went with him.

After asking a series of questions and getting my input, the doctor thinks that I may be right — sleep apnea.

They have set up an appointment for him to spend the night in a sleep clinic July 26th. We’ll see what they say.

(But I know I’m right).

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