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Twitter-esque: Recent Tweets

twitter-social-icons1 Are you ready? Here are the last dozen or so tweets I’ve Twittered in the past 48 hours listed from newest to oldest.

Why am I doing this? Because there are a lot of people who aren’t interested in doing the whole Twitter thing but might find what I’ve been documenting to be interesting.

At least, that’s what I tell myself. 😉

It’s also a fabulous excuse to post something when I obviously have nothing else to share … at this time. But come on, ya’ll know me, I’ll be back up and chatting your, er, eyes off in no time, so no worries!

Twitter Update

It’s her honesty I admire the most. RT @VelveteenMind If only we could all be so honest: @temptingmama gets real. Again.

I know we only have 140 characters, but UGH, the abbreviated “chat room” talk drives me batty. Proper Engrish, please. (yes, on purpose).

RT: @bloggingtips How To Reward Your Blog Commentators

How Frequently Should I Change My WordPress Theme? (And/or my blog design?)

Kevin was summoned, but did not have to go, to jury duty. Poor guy, this is like the 505th time he’s been summoned. He’s lucky like that?

It is time to post something to my blog … I both love this time and hate this time because as of now? Brain = empty, gooey ice cream tub.

Psyched – I just discovered a $50 Amazon gift cerfiticate my parents gave to me for Christmas. Oh what to buy …. what to buy ….

Attn Writers: The Creative Carnival is coming up fast. Have you submitted?

Trying Sandra Lee’s Spicy Sweet Sticky Chicken wings recipe: Will be back later with verdict.

28% of Americans interviewed last year said they’ve been spending less time w/ family. Why? Two words: Social Media.

Let’s work on being patriots every day, not just on July 4th. The 13 folds of the American Flag:

Dems say something off color, it’s comedy. When Reps say something off color, it’s cold. Either way, it’s insensitive.

First blog-based reality show has begun. Follow tweets @FourthFiction, find out more about program here:

(You can watch the video introduction to this program below)

We had a great night of shooting off fireworks. I sat back and watched the boys light them. Another reason to have children. *G*

VERY cool fireworks video using a variety of interesting materials.

On Twitter!

2 thoughts on “Twitter-esque: Recent Tweets”

  1. Bitter over twitter and I don’t know why.
    Is twitter a critter and will it fly?
    I get a little jitter when I have a submitter
    that knows not who I am.
    But I will admit I can not quit and a fritter is better than spam.

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