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In My Opinion: Take Seven

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Welcome to the seventh In My Opinion!! Did you answer the questions? I hope so!

Here are the questions for this week:

1. Tax Day. Boo! What are your thoughts on taxes? Necessary evil? Too much? Too little? How do you feel about Joe the Plumber’s mission to abolish the IRS? (You can find out more about the Fair Tax proposal here.)

2. Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage in it head-on? Why?

3. Which do you prefer: the hustle and bustle of city life or the quiet and serenity of the country life? Why?

And here is my video response to these questions:

tealogo Side note: By the by, this post does a good job describing my frustration with taxes. It’s about fiscal responsibility – *gasp*. I apologize for saying the “R” word. Everyone seems to treat that like a dirty word, nowadays.

I had too much fun taping this and I hope you had fun watching it; I also hope my children/grandchildren treasure it someday. Because really, that’s what In My Opinion is all about – leaving a bit of you behind.

Ready for next week’s questions? Brace yourself …

April 22nd Questions

1. One of mom’s traits I admired is/was …

2. I remember getting into trouble with my parents on this occasion.

3. Are you more of a rule keeper, or a rule breaker? Why?

Need to know about this video meme? Check this entry out.


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2 thoughts on “In My Opinion: Take Seven”


    Actually, Kevin (who is an accountant so knows what he’s talking about) said that it was actually more than 51%, but didn’t have an exact figure. This is federal, state, social security, property, sales, and every other tax we’re forced to pay the government. I just really think if people stopped and really took a look at how much money the government is taking from us and then blowing it on bailouts and stimulus’ packages that will ultimately do more damage than good, something might be done. Or at the very least, our current system might be improved.

    WHY aren’t people getting angry about this?? WHEN will they start putting their foot down and saying enough?? When it’s 80%? 90% Or are we willing to settle for all of it and become a socialist country?

    It really has gotten out of control.

    Aargh, don’t get me started. These Tea Bag parties already have me riled up …

  2. Great answers! I can agree 51% for taxes is a lot – it’s amazing when it seems like I’m getting by okay, but man imagine what we could do, what our economy could do, with some extra spending money! Or SAVINGS money!

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