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Wordful Wednesday: The Ass Family!?

button30 Wordful Wednesday?!

I’m on IT, baby! Being wordy is what I do! 😀

I always seem to get stuck behind this car every day while I’m waiting for Jazz to get out of school:

The Ass Family

Now I ask you, what sort of MOM puts that on her big-ass SUV?

I’m seriously curious.

And I was seriously nervous about taking this picture because I was afraid she might see me taking a picture and jump out to kick my ass.

Like I would LET her. *snort*

I wonder how her children feel being compared to asses?

And if I were to apply this to my family? (Which I never would – my family are NOT asses, thank-you-very-much), it would go a little something like this:

Smart-ass – Kevin (because he’s, well, smart).
Dumb-ass – Me. Totally.
Wise-ass – Dude. (He has that part down pat, actually).
Kiss-ass – Jazz (is actually REALLY good at brown-nosing me).

And now, I’m done. I do believe this is the first (and hopefully last) time I’ve used the word ass so many times in one post.

I feel dirty now.

2 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: The Ass Family!?”

  1. I’m laughing. Some people are just weird. I keep thinking it would be hilarious if they somehow can across this post on the web and the wondered WHO you are. I wouldn’t be able to resist taking the picture either. I LOVED this.

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