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Blogger’s Best Carnival – April 2009



Welcome! Take a load off. It’s Saturday and you have my permission (as if you need it!) to be lazy. Here are some delicious rice cakes (is that an oxymoron?) to go with your green tea. Hey! Spring is nearly here, it’s time to slim down for those revealing spring fashions, right? Get ready to click on some really great articles. Thanks for dropping by and Happy Reading!


ø Erin Pavlina presents The Death of My Ex-Boyfriend posted at Erin Pavlina’s Blog, saying, “In past blog entries I’ve alluded to and mentioned an abusive relationship I was in during my late teen years. Today I’m going to share the entire story of that relationship because it has reached its conclusion.”

ø Ralph Sparkson presents Why I Love My Dog posted at Best Funny Dog Pictures, saying, “We got another dog about two years ago. It had been over ten years since our last dog, who died just before our daughter was born. With our new dog, we were lucky because our daughter has a small neighborhood business of caring for pets and that is how we found the dog we now love so much.”


ø Paula Kawal presents Depression: A Spiritual Awakening posted at Journey Inward Productions, saying, “Like many people (it might even be safe to say most people) I haven’t gotten this far in life without traversing a few bouts of depression. My first was in late childhood, my second was in my teen years and my third was alcohol related in my early twenties.”

ø Diana Hall presents Stop the world: resting easy. posted at damascusmoments.

ø Oregon Sunshine presents Training Thursday-Pet Adoption posted at Oregon Sunshine.

ø Sidhusaaheb presents My Memories of 1984 (Part 2) posted at I, Me, Myself.


ø Lori DiPatri presents Vacuuming the car posted at Where in the world is….Deerwood Drive.


ø Scott Allen presents People Used to Stand for Something posted at Scott “Social Media” Allen, saying, “My son, who has been homeschooled all his life until this year, wrote an amazing first essay for school about Sierra Leone. I cried.”

ø Shiv Dravid presents Shine On posted at The Viewspaper.

ø Gal Josefsberg presents STORY – Reaper, Prologue posted at Gal Josefsberg, saying, “My newest attempt at writing a short story. Would love to hear feedback.”


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