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Weekend Top 5 – Last Monday in 2008


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I dropped my nephews back off at their dad’s. They came over on Christmas day and stayed a few nights with us. I think we’re still recovering (from sleep deprivation).

My boys and my sister’s boys are best friends. They all get along beautifully and my nephews never give me a moment’s trouble. They are always so quiet and respectful and they are a joy to have around.

They spent the majority of their time playing new video/computer games, but they did abandon the games for a few hours on Saturday to hang outside (it was 60 degrees that day and a perfect “hang” day).

They walked up to the firehouse and goofed off … well here, GD took our video camera and taped their antics. My husband then edited it in our video software, (the effect is some sort of sphere effect), put some music to it and you can watch the video if you’d like:

I know, crazy right? But they are ALL about being random. They spend HOURS watching crazy videos on YouTube and enjoy the random/nutty videos the most. I think they had that in mind when they made this video. You can’t get more random than this video. 😀

They had fun though and it’s given me ammunition to use against them for future holidays so what more could a mom ask for? Bwhahaha.


The tree is gone.

Taking it Down

The kids aren’t that happy about it.

Taking Down Decorations

None of us like taking decorations down. It’s like we’re boxing up our joy for another year. Reality knocked on our door and we had no choice but to let it back in.

*sigh* It’s a bit depressing, isn’t it. (But I’m relieved to have things back to normal).


Since we didn’t have a chance to spend time with my husband’s folks on Christmas day, they invited us out to lunch over the weekend. We ate at some Mexican restaurant and it was easily one of the worst meals I’ve ever eaten.

I originally ordered a combination plate – some sort of pepper … thing, and a chalupa. What I got was some sort of pepper … thing and a tostada.

The pepper thing was a large chili pepper wrapped in a corn tortilla shell and smothered in cheese. Sounds good, right? Well, it was, sort of, but it was so spicy that after two bites I had to give it up. It felt like someone had dumped in a shovelful of embers into my mouth; I couldn’t get away from the burning sensation for hours after that.

The rest of my plate was covered in refried beans – I can’t eat beans. I’d go into details about what happens when I eat beans, but I’ll spare you the gory details.

You’re welcome.

Suffice it to say, I left the restaurant more hungry than when I went in. I hate when that happens. (I could have said something to our server, but honestly, I wasn’t sure if I had ordered the right thing to begin with and I LOATHE causing waves so I just smiled and acted like I wasn’t hungry).

But it was nice to see my in-laws (because believe it or not, I like my in-laws) and I know my husband enjoyed chatting with his father so the bad meal? Was worth the time and effort. 🙂


I finished reading my first book on my Kindle. The book? Get a Clue by Jill Shalvis.

First Kindle Book

I realized, after I read the book, that I already had a print copy of the book in my bookshelf.

*SIGH* I-am-such-a-dork.

That’s a sign that you have too many books and don’t keep very good track of your inventory. In fact, I think this is like the 200th time I’ve done that: ordered a book that I already have.

SO, I’ll probably be giving my print copy of Get a Clue away very soon. Stay tuned for that.

Overall? I like my Kindle. It took a little getting used to at first – the next/previous page buttons are HUGE and though conveniently located they are often easy to hit by accident. But after you get used to handling it, it really didn’t bug me overly much.

I’m very pleased with the screen/typeface. It’s extremely easy on the eyes (it’s just like reading a newspaper) and I enlarged the font so I was able to comfortably read for an extended period of time.

I browsed the Kindle store on Amazon last night and downloaded three more books – all for free!! Of course, there may be a reason why they’re free, but we’ll see. It’s SO COOL to click a button on your computer and then wait for the book to download to the Kindle – it takes less than a minute. Very impressive! I’m going to have a blast with this thing and now I will always have some reading material with me.

The Kindle is no larger than a paperback book which means I should have room to carry it in my purse.

After I buy a bigger purse.

Because I also bought a case for my new Canon PowerShot A590 IS camera which I plan on carrying around with me, too.

It never ends, does it.


I just found out that my husband won the office football pot/thing/contest, whatever it’s called.

Actually, he tied with another gal so they had to split the winnings. Hey! I’ll gladly accept that $90 bucks, thank you very much. (Which we’ll probably put into savings because my husband – who is an accountant and tight-fisted but that’s okay because we’re in good financial shape because of him – doesn’t know what else to do with money in his pocket).

This is especially funny because my husband? Never watched ONE football game this season. Not one. It was all luck. Or WAS it?

This is REALLY annoying to his accountant friend who IS a big football fan and really went overboard trying to figure out stats and blahblahblah (I sort of zone out when it comes to sports stuff like that – hey, zone out! I punned ya). The friend didn’t do very well and here’s my husband, not a big football fan and never even watched a game and he ties for first.

It almost makes us feel guilty for winning.

Almost. *grin*

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  1. What a great post! I’ve thought about geting a Kindle, but I love with the feel of the paper in my hand. I wold love to hear your opinions comparing the Kindle to a paper copy.

    I don’t normally speak up in restaurants, either, but I did the other day. Five people in my family, and three of the orders were wrong. While we were waiting for the correct food, the manager came by and asked if everything was ok. I told him what happened and we ended up with a free meal out of it. Actually, the manager made it into a bigger deal than it actually was. I embarrassed the server and I didn’t mean to – I just gave an honest answer to a simple question. I felt bad and wished I had just kept my mouth shut.

  2. I’m so glad you played. I took our tree down last night too. I expected the boys to be upset when they got up this morning, but they didn’t seem to mind too much. I used it as a chance to move the living room around an dit feels bigger, so maybe that’s why.

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