Saturday Photo Hunt

Saturday Photo Hunt – Favorite

I had a nice surprise in the mail yesterday:

Unique Wrapping

(Isn’t that a fun way to wrap an ornament?)

I opened them (I had three) and this was what was inside:

Ornament Exchange

These are my new favorite ornaments!! I love them!! THANK YOU to my ornament exchange person, Lisa from Adventures in JuJuBoo!

This was the first time I had participated in Kailani’s ornament exchange, but it won’t be my last! That was too fun!

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt – Favorite”

  1. I’m glad you liked them. I bought the snowman one for myself. I had to get you all three because A) they were all so dang cute, and B) I have issues with the number 3 and things divisible by 3. So if there were only 2 of them you might have only gotten one. LOL. Yea, Im a bit odd like that.

    I do love the ornament from you so much and I will be posting about it very soon. My girls love to play with it. It is so cool.

    Thanks for participating Karen, I had fun!

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