Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – Stranger than Fiction

Because honestly? Ideas for stories ABOUND from real life. You just have to pay attention.

But never mind that – who has time to pay attention? Let me point you to some wacky real-life stories:


1. California teen gives birth in shower, walks to hospital
LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) — A 17-year-old girl gave birth secretly at home, then walked four blocks to a hospital with the baby still attached by its umbilical cord….

2. Ohio judge to decide man’s fate for sharing snack cake
MCARTHUR, Ohio (AP) — A judge in southern Ohio must decide whether to send a man to prison for sharing a Little Debbie snack cake. The case involves 21-year-old Timothy Caudill, who last year was held in a residential community corrections program in Nelsonville for breaking into a bar….

3. Japanese official demoted for 780,000 hits on porn sites
TOKYO (AP) — A Japanese civil servant was demoted for logging more than 780,000 hits on pornographic Web sites on his office computer over nine months, an official said Friday….

4. Omaha man says this was his second self-tracheotomy
OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The 55-year-old Omaha man who performed a tracheotomy on himself with a steak knife says he did the same thing to himself two years ago….

5. Driver gets in wreck, sees his home catch fire, gets ticket
ROCK ISLAND, Tenn. (AP) — One moment, Justin Hill was turning into his driveway. Minutes later he was being flown to a hospital as his home went up in flames. Then he got a traffic ticket….

6. Legally blind man, 78, bowls perfect game
ALTA, Iowa (AP) — A 78-year-old legally blind man nicknamed “The Hammer” has bowled a perfect game. Dale Davis of Alta, Iowa, nailed 12 consecutive strikes and reached 300 on Saturday night during league play….

7. Forgotten tot left behind at Vancouver airport
VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — An immigrant family left a 23-month-old boy in the Vancouver airport and learned he was missing only when contacted during the next leg of the trip….

8. ‘Darth Vader’ spared jail in Jedi church attacks
HOLYHEAD, Wales (AP) — A man who dressed up as Darth Vader, wearing a garbage bag for a cape, and assaulted the founders of a group calling itself the Jedi church was given a suspended sentence Tuesday….

9. Man says JetBlue made him sit on toilet
NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City man is suing JetBlue Airways Corp. for more than $2 million because he says a pilot made him give up his seat to a flight attendant and sit on the toilet for more than three hours on a flight from California….

10. Australian fined for buckling in beer, not child
DARWIN, Australia (AP) — An Australian man has been fined after buckling in a case of beer with a seat belt but leaving a 5-year-old child to sit on the car’s floor, police said Tuesday….

11. Man jailed when daughter fails to get diploma
CINCINNATI (AP) — A man ordered by a judge to make sure his daughter hit the books has found himself in jail because she failed to earn a high school equivalency diploma….

12. Texas woman wins a free funeral at baseball game
GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas (AP) — Elaine Fulps is thrilled about the prize she won at a minor league baseball game. But she’s hoping she doesn’t have to collect on it anytime soon. Fulps, 60, won a $10,000 paid funeral at Tuesday night’s Grand Prairie AirHogs game….

13. Illinois man changes name to ‘In God We Trust’
ZION, Ill. (AP) — A school bus driver and amateur artist from the Chicago suburb of Zion has legally changed his name to “In God We Trust.”…

I adore these weird news stories because honestly, they are a writer’s dream – talk about strange and fascinating ideas – and they’re true!!

Which story did you find the most interesting/disturbing?

I’ll be writing a fictionalized account of one of the above stories in this week’s Thursday Thread. Can you guess which one it’ll be?

Stay tuned …

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Stranger than Fiction”

  1. All of them are weird. I agree with Lori that #10 is most disturbing because the beer is worth more than the child to that man.

    And I think you’ll write a story on either #5 or #13.

  2. #1 – the fact that she could actually do that after giving birth, but how sad that she kept it hidden so she wouldn’t get kicked out of the house

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