Blog-a-thon 2008

Blog-a-thon ’08: The Final Post

Support Our Troops

Wow. It’s over. I survived the 2008 blog-a-thon and I still have enough brain cells to type this last entry.


It was fun, folks. I had a blast and I hope you had fun, too. Even though I didn’t receive very many comments, I KNOW you were out there, reading and keeping me company and for that, I humbly thank you.

Remember, the reason I stayed up 24 hours wasn’t to entertain you, though that was certainly a pleasant side-effect, but to inform and remind you how important it is to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS and SHOW THEM WE CARE and that WE WILL NEVER FORGET THEIR SACRIFICES.

So, to all our military personnel and veterans, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

I’m going to bed now. But not before I remind you of three things:

1. The July photo contest post IS NEXT. Stay tuned and as soon as it shows up, put your name in the Mr. Linky so we can find you!

2. The Monday Morning Meme Questions (sneak peek and otherwise) will post at the regularly scheduled time.


3. I’m taking a short blog break because wow, I could use it after this weekend. I shall return on Wednesday. But what, are you kidding me?? You have 48 posts you can read and follow links on so you can’t POSSIBLY miss me while I’m gone. Right? 🙂

Thank you all for visiting and GOODNIGHT!