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Blog-a-thon ’08: Welcome Home [6]

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This an ongoing story that I’m posting over the next several hours. Though I have an idea what I want to write, it’s not written – so this story will be rough, really rough, but I thrive on this impromptu stuff so … there you go. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


Welcome Home

“Hello?” Her voice trembled and her hand shook so much she missed the first few syllables of her husband’s words, her eyes remained fixed on Margie.

“Heya Lece.” Carter’s voice was deep and sexy – a part of her, deep in her belly, quivered at the sound.

“Hey yourself.” She swallowed. “Aren’t you supposed to be in the air right about now?”

“Yeah well, ‘supposed to’ are the key words here.”

“What happened?”

“We’re stuck in D.C. We’ve had some pretty severe t-storms rip through here in the last few hours so my flight has been delayed.”

“Delayed?” She repeated, for her mother-in-law’s sake.

Margie raised a hand in disgust and shook her head. She leaned down to mumble something in Lisa’s ear causing the baby to squeal in delight.

“Yeah, but we’re taking off … oh wait, they just called our flight. We should be in the air in the next thirty minutes. That means …” she heard the rustle of clothing as he checked his watch, “I should be landing in Nashville at 1600 hours.”

“Okay,” Alecia said, her heart sinking with disappointment. She did a mental calculation, that would be 4:00, another two hours of waiting. “We’ll be here waiting for you.”

Carter cleared his throat. His voice dropped another octave and his words came out a husky whisper. “How’s our baby girl?”

Alecia’s eyes slid to their daughter. Margie had grabbed a rattle from the diaper bag and given it to Lisa, the baby girl was happily waving it around. She laughed when she bopped Margie in the face. “She’s beating your mom up with a rattle,” she said with a laugh.

“Ah, that’s my girl! Three months old and already fighting.” He laughed.

The sound sent a shiver up Alecia’s spine. “Do you want to talk to your mom?” She could hear the sound of a zipper and then more rustling before Carter answered.

“No time. I need to jet out of here or they’ll leave me behind.”

“They better not!” Alecia said, perhaps a bit more sharply than she intended.

“No chance, Lece.” She heard him walking and his voice dropped into whisper mode again. “I can’t wait to see you.”

Alecia swallowed the lump in her throat and tightly closed her eyes. She conjured Carter up in her mind, his tall, lean body, his muscular arms, his sexy smile … “Hurry up and get here, Carter.”

He laughed. “Yes Ma’am!” he barked good naturedly and signed off.

She flipped her phone closed and stuck it back into her pocket. “They were delayed, but they were boarding as he hung up.” She suddenly felt selfish for hogging him all to herself. “I’m sorry, Margie. He wanted to talk to you but they were boarding …”

She shrugged and smiled. “As long as they’re on their way, that’s all that matters. We’ll catch up when he gets here.”

Alecia noticed that her mother-in-law was looking a bit tired. She stepped in close and put her hands out to Lisa. The baby cackled and made a grab for her. “Here, let me take her for a bit. She should be getting sleepy pretty soon. Her nap time is usually about this time …”

“Oh, thanks,” Margie gladly released her hold. “She’s heavier than she looks!”

“She’s a porker all right,” she said with a grin. She began swinging the baby from side-to-side when she abruptly stopped to stare at the blonde woman walking towards them.

Margie noted the change in her expression and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Jessie’s here.”

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