Blog-a-thon 2008

Blog-a-thon ’08: Welcome Home [3]

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This is an ongoing story that I plan on posting over the next several hours. Though I have an idea what I want to write, it’s not written – so this story will be rough, really rough. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


Welcome Home

A warning cry from her daughter captured her attention. She knew that sound. If she didn’t feed Lisa within the next fifteen minutes, the whole building would hear her displeasure.

Alecia rummaged in the large diaper bag and pulled out a bottle. She had finished making the formula moments before they had left the apartment, so she shook a few droplets onto her forearm – it was warm, but not hot.

“All right, baby girl,” she said as she balanced the bottle between her knees, “lunch time.” She unfastened the baby from the stroller and lifted her out of the carriage. A few people passing by slowed to look at them. Alecia squirmed and settled the baby next to her breast feeling self-conscious and on display. Though she could understand people’s curiosity, she still wished people would just ignore her.

A woman, most likely in her late 40’s, stopped completely to watch. Alecia could feel her cheeks grow warm under the woman’s scrutiny. She plucked the bottle from between her knees and rubbed the nipple gently against Lisa’s lips; she smiled as the baby gave it a greedy suck.

“Someone was hungry!” she said softly. Lisa lifted a tiny hand to her mother; Alecia placed her index finger in the baby’s palm, the small fingers curled around her skin and squeezed.

“Let’s go Wanda,” the man beside the woman who had stopped said. “We’re going to be late.”

“She knows that breast milk is best, right?” the woman said with a haughty sniff.
The man shot her an apologetic look before practically dragging the woman away from them.

Alecia had kept her eyes trained on the baby, so it was most likely the woman thought she hadn’t heard her.

But she had heard and it made her sad. She sighed, her breath gently stirring the fine hairs on her daughter’s head. “Life doesn’t exactly turn out like you planned,” she murmured. Lisa blinked in response.

Alecia raised her head and squinted toward the security gate. What she wouldn’t give to be able to go inside and check the monitors. She hated being stuck outside and not knowing her husband’s flight status. She jostled her daughter around so she could once more look at her watch.

Only twelve minutes had gone by since the last time she checked her watch. She forced herself to relax and looked back down at her daughter, who was staring up at her with intense blue eyes. She smiled. The baby responded by smiling back.

“Daddy will be here soon, baby girl.”

Lisa kicked her legs in response.


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