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Blog-a-thon ’08: Welcome Home [1]

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This is the beginning of an ongoing story that I plan on posting over the next 22 hours. Though I have an idea what I want to write, it’s not written – so this story will be rough, really rough, but I thrive on this impromptu stuff so … there you go. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


Welcome Home

Alecia slammed the trunk of her ’97 Buick Skylark shut. She grunted slightly as she unfolded the huge, pink monster stroller and locked it in place. She had only had the stroller for a month, a gracious gift from her in-laws, but she still didn’t feel completely comfortable using the thing. She triple checked to make sure the stroller was properly assembled before wheeling it around the side of the car. She opened the back door and smiled at her baby.

“Hey there baby girl,” she said in a sing-song voice. “Are you ready to go inside?”

The baby waved a tiny fist as way of greeting and flashed a toothless grin. A bubble of spittle popped at the side of her mouth, leaving tiny droplets of moisture dotting her lower lip. Alecia chuckled.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

She grabbed the pink and purple pastel diaper bag and dragged the heavy bag across the seat. “For a tiny person, you sure need a lot of stuff,” she mumbled under her breath.

The baby cooed in response.

Alecia placed the diaper bag on the ground and then reached in to unbuckle her daughter. Her fingers moved automatically and she had her free in record time.

“I remember when this used to take me forever,” Alecia said while lifting the tiny girl from the car seat. “I’m getting pretty good at this mommy stuff.”

She gently placed her daughter into the stroller, buckled her in, balanced the heavy diaper bag onto her shoulder and began the trek across the short-term parking lot, her head held up high.

The day had finally come. After ten long months of short, frantic, hurried phone calls, pages of emails and countless sleepless nights, they were finally going to see him.

She hoped he hadn’t changed.

She knew he had to have changed.

Alecia blinked back tears of apprehension and lifted her chin. Now was the not the time to get teary eyed, she would need all of her strength to see herself, and her daughter, through the next two hours.

She stiffened her arm around her baby girl as she made her way across the airport driveway. Though the traffic hadn’t been bad when she first entered the parking lot, numerous cars now dotted the drop-off lane. Her large, sky-blue eyes quickly scanned the people lined up on the sidewalk. Most were busy tugging large pieces of multi-colored luggage from the trunks of cars, a handful of people stared expectantly down the driveway, their expressions tight and eager as they waited for their rides.

Alecia maneuvered her way between the parked cars and pushed her way into the airport. The blast of cold air hit them squarely in the face.


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