11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Stinky Mom”

  1. HAHA! I was wondering if anyone would notice the sweat strap. Seriously, we walked so much that day and it was so hot, I was feeling and looking nasty. It was especially intimidating to walk among all the suits and nice-smelling women, *grin*

    Oh well, we had fun!

  2. Been there done that. (stinky mom part) Hey we have to deal with those gym socks, EWWW. Happy WW! Looks like fun.

  3. What :::sniffing the air::: Smell? I don’t smell anything! Honest.

    This looks like Washington D.C. in the background too.

    Ahhhhhhh, summer and sweat. Ya, you should be here…just walk out the door. No wait….just THINK of walking out the door and you would break out in a sweat.

    You didn’t think I’d leave without mentioning the word sweat now, did you!?!!

    Come see my W W if you can.

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