Monday Morning Meme

Monday Morning Meme – July 7th

All you have to do is answer the questions below either in the comment section, or on your blog. And elaborate! Make these questions show your unique and special personalities. This meme entry will post at 12:01 every Monday morning and will be the first postentry listed on WFK all day Monday morning. (This is an all-day Monday meme, so please, play all day!)

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July 7th Questions:

1. What is your blog about? How long have you been blogging? Why did you begin blogging? Is it the same reason that you continue to blog today? How has your blog changed over the time you’ve had it? In six words, sum up your blog.

2. When you go for a haircut, do you do something drastic? Or are you more of a ‘just a trim’ sort of person? Do you color your hair? If so, how often? Tell us about your best, and worst, hairstyle. What sort of hairsyle do you think looks good on you now?

3. Tell us about your 4th of July celebration. Show us some pictures (if you have them). What did your family do? Did you go and see a big fireworks display? Or did you stay home and have a (semi) quiet family fireworks celebration? On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), how patriotic would you say you are? Do you routinely talk about our country’s issues within your family unit? Do you and your significant other see eye-to-eye on political issues? International friends: tell us how you celebrate your country’s birthday/new year/significant annual event.

4. If you only had enough time each day to read one section of the newspaper, which section would you read? Why this particular section?

8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Meme – July 7th”

  1. Thanks for playing everyone!

    Jen E. – don’t apologize, please! These questions are MEANT to stimulate your creativity/imagination. I think memes are WAY more interesting when people make them unique and go overboard.

    Trust me, I know ALL about overboard. *grin*

  2. Just finished mine – took a LONG time – I think I talk too much – haha – to be fair, I was doing laundry the whole time as well.

  3. I’m up 🙂 And.. stay tuned for an important announcement in a couple of weeks! You will LOVE it!!!

  4. This is my first time to join the meme. My entry’s up. Thank you for helping me get past writer’s block. Happy Monday!

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