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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You? Also, Naps are Good.

Video Summary:

1. Fetal position – comfort, safety, shy, sensitive and introverted – kind, soft hearted

2. Stomach – skydiver position – open, playful, fun loving, brash, straight forward, take risks, bold, sociable, sensitive to criticism

3. Back – sleepy soldier – strong, silent personality, disciplined, hard working, structure, take themselves seriously, perfectionist.

4. Side – the log – talkative, charming, friendly, trusting and warm, gullible and naïve

5. Back, arms overhead – starfish – amiable, mild-mannered and easy to get along with, supportive, good communication skills, loyal.

6. With leg raised – unpredictable and adventurous personality, emotional, temperamental, moody, driven, competitive and charismatic, leaders, center of attention

Me? My sleeping position is actually not mentioned here. I sleep sitting up.

I know, weird! But it’s comfortable for me and I breathe easier sleeping up. There will be nights that I will jerk awake and am STILL sitting up nearly six hours later. When that happens, I know I got some deep sleep. I also sleep on my back, (but wake myself up snoring so I don’t keep that position for long), side and with my leg raised. I NEVER sleep on my stomach, (that’s actually not a great position for your back) and rarely in the fetal position because it makes my legs sore.


Video Summary:

1. There are different types of nappers
A. Habitual
B. Planned
C. Emergency

2. One bad nap can throw your entire sleep cycle off

3. Naps cannot fully make up for lost night sleep

4. Naps have an ideal duration
*Experts suggest drinking caffiene before a power nap since caffiene takes approxmately 20 minutes to kick in.

5. Your body has an ideal nap time
*Best time to nap is in the middle of your wake cycle

6. Naps can improve your immune system

7. Naps have a positive impact on your memory

8. Naps – full night’s sleep for learning

9. Naps improve alertness and performance

10. Naps can lift your mood.

11. They are good for your heart
*Decrease blood pressure

12. Naps have a positive impact on your physical health

I thought the naps information was interesting. I used to take a lot of naps, not so much anymore now that I am drinking caffeine on the weekends and taking iron. (Iron has REALLY helped my fatigue). I also found it extremely interesting about drinking caffeine, then taking a nap allowing the caffeine time to kick in by the time you wake up. I’ll have to remember that.

So how about you? What is your primary sleeping position and do you take naps? Why, or why not?