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Five-Star Books from 2020

Here are the books I rated five stars from 2020.

I read 90 books in all in 2020.

Most of the books I read were four stars, a few three stars and I think I gave one two stars.

I don’t give books five stars very often – there has to be a good twist, something that takes me by surprise or I just loved the characters for me to rate it five stars.

If you’re looking for something to read in 2020, I can recommend the below books. These are all on Kindle Unlimited if you’re a member. If you’re not, I HIGHLY recommend joining, if you have a Kindle, of course. I’m a huge e-book reader. I haven’t bought a real book in … wow, several years, in fact. I simply don’t have the room for them. And quite honestly, I absolutely love my Kindle – I can’t imagine my life without it.

(Looks like some of these are no longer on Kindle Unlimited. Bummer).

These are too small to see, but you can tell that the majority of books I read were four star books. I probably could have rated a few of them five stars but I felt I was a little harsher in my ratings this year. I think my expectations were higher since I had over 30 five-star books in 2019 and only 20 five-star books this year.

The four two-star books are: Everything My Mother Taught Me, Daughters of the Lake, Virgin River #1, Scorned, which might surprise some people but the reason I didn’t like Scorned is because a scorned woman had very little to do with the story so I felt deceived by the title cover and the title. You can see my stats in more detail here, if you’re interested.

My 2021 reading goal is 55. I lowered the number because I plan on devoting more of my time to writing this year. Again, you can always see what I’m currently reading in the Goodreads widget in the sidebar.

Stay tuned for some reading vlogs!