TueSLAY – January 19th

Can we NOT do this please? Let’s not start this nightmare of the next four years pretending, or portraying, Biden as a “god-like” entity like we did with Obama. Just as words can be manipulated, so can pictures and people are already too gullible as it is without making it seem like Biden is here to save us all.

*huge eye roll*

He is not. Actions speak louder than words. (I feel like that’s going to be my mantra for the next four years). The man, and his administration, want nothing more than to divide and conquer. They have no interest in bringing people together, they only want full and absolute power over you and your lives. That is all that interests them. And those that DARE to question, or reject, their agenda are racists, and every other label that is being slapped on naysayers.


I was pretty sick these past two weeks. A lot of headaches and body aches. To be fair, the headaches could have been the change in weather. Missouri has roller coaster weather, meaning, it’s 60 degrees one day and the next day it’s snowing and 25 degrees. That will often wreck havoc on people’s sinuses and it certainly does with mine. But I just COULDN’T shake the body aches and the fatigue … wow. It was pretty intense. I came home one day and went to bed at 6:30 PM. I woke up the next morning STILL tired. I think part of it is because I’m low on iron – I’ve always been anemic, and I DO feel better when I take iron supplements. I just never remember to take them.

Was it COVID? I don’t know, maybe. I wasn’t about to be tested though. I don’t want to add to the insanity and I felt pretty icky, but not bad enough to stay home. (And before any of you come for me *gasp* you went to work feeling like that? If people only went to work when they felt 100% no one would go to work. Besides, we were all wearing masks – we’re protected, remember?)  I don’t really get sick very often. In fact, I am rarely sick. Part of the reason is genetics, I come from a pretty healthy stock, and part of it is I’m simply not around that many people – I’m a loner and pretty happy about that, thank you very much. I don’t go out – well, no one really goes out right now, but under NORMAL circumstances, I don’t go out. I am around people at work, but honestly, not that many and always the same ones. Since my doctor is only doing Telemedicine right now, I’m not around a lot of patients, which I think helps. All I know is I’m glad to finally be feeling better. When, because it’s coming, it’s mandated that we get the COVID vaccine for work, I’d like to see if getting a COVID antibody test would be possible because if it’s proven that I had COVID and now have the antibodies, I don’t think I should have to get the vaccine.

Though I’m sure “science” will disagree with me. And we all know how accurate “science” has been in regards to COVID, right?


Please tell me this picture is fake.



Because seriously, if this is real? What the actual hell?!? We have officially lost our freakin’ minds and now the masks are just a cult. You can not tell me these children having to endure something so hideous and ridiculous are protected right now. And that’s assuming I was arguing FOR masks, which I am clearly not. I personally think masks were implemented because it gave the illusion that our wise and esteemed government officials (*cough*) were doing something and people were doing something to combat the threat of COVID. But let’s assume, for just one moment, that I WAS a mask proponent and thought wearing masks was the last line of defense against getting sick with any type of illness, how is this helpful to these children? HOW?!? I can’t seriously believe the teachers thought this was a good idea. I can’t seriously believe that the parents of these poor children were okay with this. If that had been my child I would have said HELL NO. Are you nuts? Surely this is fake?? Because if not, wow, I am seriously concerned for the human race. Even more so than I am now.


Wanna see my pet elephant?

Tell me he’s not cute. I actually posted this on my Instagram – yes, I’m still on Instagram. I’m embarrassed to admit that but come on, we all need pictures in our lives, right?? Anyway, I got this mousepad from Amazon and just looking at this cutie makes me happy. Also, this is part of my corner desk. The billboard shadow box picture thing, (I can’t remember the name of this right off the top of my head and I’m too  lazy to Google it), was a gift from the nurses to the MA’s last MA week and when I brought it home, it was sitting on the kitchen counter for weeks, because that’s what I do when I don’t know where to put something, I just keep it wherever I happened to put it down, and Kevin got tired of looking at it and I came home to this on my desk one day.

Isn’t that sweet??

Yes. I have a fan on my desk. I also have one in my office at work and on the desk I use when we’re in clinic as well because I can’t stand stale air and I need fans to give me the illusion that I’m not stuck at a desk all day.

And the box under the fan? That’s the box thingie I use whenever I record my podcast. Oh. You didn’t know I had a podcast? Really? Where have you been?? Don’t ask me technical questions, that’s Kevin’s territory. I just show up and talk.

That’s the easy part. I can do that part.


And speaking of podcasts … I’ve got a podcast recommendation for you. It’s called “Full Body Chills” and it’s exactly what it sounds like – a podcast of scary stories. I love everything about it. The stories are excellent, but I love the narrator and production set up. It makes me want to do something similar. I’d like to make a fiction podcast of maybe … romance stories? I think it would be super fun to have people submit their short stories and I could read them on a podcast.

There are only two seasons and it looks like they only do these podcasts around Halloween as I didn’t see any episodes for the rest of 2019 and 2020 months.

Anyway, check them out. Two thumbs up for me. Do you have any podcasts you would recommend? I’m in the market if you have any recommendations.


We’re thinking of buying some land. I KNOW! Kevin sprung that one on me a few nights ago and I thought he was joking at first. Nope. He was serious. I have no idea what we might put on the land – pretty sure he doesn’t want to build a house and I’m pretty sure our marriage wouldn’t survive building a house, but he wants land for someplace to go if things go south with the country. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but come on people, the way things have been going lately, who knows what it’s going to look like in the next six months. I can’t disagree with him. He thought maybe we could put an RV on the land but I sort of shot that idea down because RV’s do not weather well and the upkeep and maintenance on it would be a money suck, I think. Maybe a cabin?

Real estate is an investment so there’s that.

I don’t know. All I know is this is his latest obsession and I have a feeling we will be looking at land soon.