Massive Voter Fraud Setting the Precedent for Future Elections?

I don’t even know what to say right now.

The voting fiasco is taking up too much of my brain space leaving very little room for my characters.

I feel I must talk about this – I need to purge my thoughts and hopefully clean house so that I can focus on writing more fiction – however that looks for me right now. (I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t simply stick to my story – I have to go where my creativity leads me – she’s a fickle bitch).

Can you even believe we are where we are right now? Regardless of what party you support, this is a mess. The fact that we still don’t know the outcome, nearly a week later, is mind boggling. I know we had a similar situation with the Bush/Gore race but that was one state, we have SEVERAL states that have not submitted final totals and “mysteriously” keep finding more ballots to add to the count.

Something is definitely going on. And regardless of whether you want Biden to win or not, this nightmare goes way beyond this race. This is potentially setting a precedence for EVERY election and if we allow cheaters, whether it’s on the Republican or Democrat side, voters as individuals will become obsolete. Because if either side can cheat their way to a win, why do they need us? Just fabricate votes and put who you want in the White House or Congress.

And don’t you find it strange that ALL of the votes that have “mysteriously” appeared are for Biden? And why haven’t those same ballots affected the outcome of Congress? You mean to tell me, that the ballots they are finding ONLY marked Biden and NO ONE else?? How strange is that? THOUSANDS of ballots were discovered with only one mark? Hmmm … and if they DIDN’T arrive with only one mark, then wouldn’t those “mysteriously” found ballots affect the outcome of the Congressmen/women and Senate races? How can we definitely call those winners BEFORE these “mysteriously” found ballots have been called? Wouldn’t these “mysteriously” found ballots affect those races too?

And the “news” outlets – we should call them something else because they are no longer “news” organizations – they are propaganda machines, are touting that President Trump has NO evidence to back up his voter fraud claims.

He may not have evidence at this time, but there are enough shenanigans happening that it warrants enough for him and his team to legally investigate. Hell, it’s enough for the American people to demand an answer because again, what good are we if the left and the propaganda machines pick whomever they want in the end anyway? We HAVE to investigate what is going on if not for this election but for elections to come! And you can bet your BOTTOM dollar, if the shoe was on the other foot, Democrats would be going BERSERK trying to get to the bottom of these suspicious activities. Don’t deny it.

Again, it goes beyond this race. I know Trump can be off putting, he gets on my nerves as well, and I don’t necessarily like his presentation but the man gets shit done. He doesn’t simply speak, he DOES. And we need that type of leadership. We don’t need fancy words, flowery phrases and pacification, or someone who flip-flops on issues DAILY depending on the audience he/she is speaking to. We need someone in the White House who will put the people before politics. That’s why we need someone like Trump. Biden is a puppet. And puppets can be manipulated and made to perform for whatever audience will pay the most.

Biden will destroy this country. Or at least, he will try. Thank God Republicans kept the Senate and we gained some seats in the House – if nothing else, he will propose crap and it will filibuster. But again, NOTHING will get done – we’ll continue to kick the can down the road and the next Trump-like person, if anyone is brave enough to endure the shit storm from the propaganda machines, to deal with.

I don’t know, I want it to be over, as well. But I want a fair election ALL elections moving forward, too. If we don’t put a foot on the neck of this deceit now, it will only get worse in the years ahead.

Here’s why it’s acceptable to be concerned about this election:

  1. This race is extremely close. In some states, it comes down to 1% and that alone justifies counting the votes again.
  2. Record number of mail-in ballots – there’s never been anything like it. We should ONLY allow voting ON election day – you vote when polls open, you stop voting when polls close – PERIOD. (Except for active military who are not even on American soil and for those with a REALLY good excuse to not be able to make it to their polling site on the day of election. And I mean really good reason. You know when an election is for YEARS, if you can’t plan to be available on voting day then too bad so sad. Plan ahead). And conspiracy theory or not, it’s suspicious that Democrats fought hard to promote mail-in ballots all in the name of “safety” before the election. They were gearing this up to use in case the election didn’t go their way and VOILA! Here we are. How convenient for them.
  3. States keep “finding” ballots. Windows are papered over not allowing court-appointed ballot watchers to monitor the count. If there is nothing to hide, then why hide?? There are documented software glitches in Michigan, more than 40 counties used this software – pretty sure that justifies recounting the votes. My sister-in-law sent Kevin a link to a video showing this on YouTube – guess what, that video is no longer available. Hell yes this is suspicious. (And that’s ANOTHER alarming trend – censorship!)
  4. North Carolina won’t update total vote count until next week. What is going on? Are they taking a Sabbatical to contemplate life?? Why?
  5. Pennsylvania – allowing ballots to arrive three days AFTER the election – even if they’re not clearly marked before the deadline. These officials are openly rooting for Biden, they’re not even trying to hide it – think they are fair and unbiased? I would wager not.  It looks like they’re determined to make Biden win no matter what. Is that not a reason to at least suspect something is not right? Of course there is.

Count very vote and make sure it’s legal. Throw illegally obtained votes out. Period.

Here are some more things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm…

Rush Limbaugh: How could country vote for GOP but against Trump?

Corrupted software used in 30 states including ALL swing states

Michigan USPS Whistleblower Details Superior’s Directive to Back-Date Mail-In Ballots For Acceptance

Democrat Poll Watcher Alleges Corruption At Philadelphia Polling Place: ‘This Is A Coup’

These things, if nothing else, call for recounts. And again, if the rolls were reversed, Democrats would be RIOTING for a recount. Don’t deny it. And honestly, if the rolls were reversed and there was this much suspicion, I would also think it’s fair to recount. I want a president who won fair and square, regardless of the outcome. If Biden wins, he will win because he cheated. What a legacy!

It’s no secret I’m NO Biden fan. And the thought of him being the president (notice I didn’t say MY president), worries me. I’m trying not to freak out and don’t worry, I won’t be one of these emotionally-stunted crazy people who falls to my knees and screams to the sky if Biden is confirmed, but his agendas worry me. I don’t want to rely on another country for oil. I don’t want socialism. I don’t want to give over half my paycheck to government programs that exist solely to make people dependent on the government. And I want a president who will be strong, not one who will kowtow to dictators and lick their boots all in the name of “please don’t hurt us, Mr. Bad guy!” However, if that is what happens, then that is what happens. I am encouraged by the fact that we have the Senate and enough House members to (hopefully) keep the crazy in check. And it’s only for four years, I hope. And I hope whoever our Republican candidate is in 2024 is strong and determined to uphold the constitution.

I also have my faith. And I trust God and take great comfort in knowing that He’s there.

I don’t mean to offend anyone reading this and I’m not referring to “normal” Democrats because I feel like the Democrat party today doesn’t even really represent “true” Democrat ideals nowadays, but I feel like the Democrat party has become a cult. Group think. And any time they are provided with an opposing viewpoint it’s like they short circuit and lose their minds because how dare you not agree with me?!

We have reached a very scary place in our history, folks. And according to the Bible, this is just the beginning. I shudder to think what our country will look like when our grandkids are in their 50’s. If we have grandkids, but you know what I mean. Our society is slowly circling the drain and before long the sink will be empty and we will cease to exist – at least, as we know now.

Wow. What a dark way to end this. lol But honestly. We live in dark times and there is a section of our population that are determined to keep it dark and hopeless. It doesn’t have to be that way. But we have to be strong and have the bravado to stand up for what is right, no matter the screaming, the accusations and the manipulation.

Whatever happens, this is a set back, no matter who wins. Keep your eyes on the prize (which for me is peace) and ignore the chaos that surrounds you. It’s all we can do right now.