The Constitution Does Not Grant the Legacy Left-Wing Media the Right to Call an Election

Please remain calm. This is not over. It will be investigated and reviewed in the courts for quite some time.

“Nothing has changed on the political front, nothing has changed on the campaign front, the only thing that has changed is on the media front.”

The media does not have the right to call an election. And if it’s determined that Trump is the winner, the media is once again setting the stage for violence and more riots. I can’t even blame people’s naivete anymore. I mean, people do not critically think for themselves and they only listen to what they want to hear, but the media is the entity that warped them. We have GOT to do something about this out-of-control media. They blatantly lie, censor opposing opinions and purposefully broadcast their own agendas and people STILL trust them. It truly amazes me that ANYBODY still listens to anything they have to say anymore. And this includes Fox News.

What a colossal disappointment Fox News has become. That anchor had NO RIGHT, NONE, to call Arizona for Biden before all of the votes came in. Even CNN acknowledged that fact.


Anyway. Social media has gone absolutely crazy with the assumption that Biden has won. Do not let that get you down. It will be days, if not weeks, before this is sorted out and the truth is finally revealed. My advice? Get off social media. Stay away from Twitter. In fact, get off Twitter and Facebook altogether. They are corrupt organizations who exist solely to suppress you. Sorry if that sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

If Trump wins, this is going to be get so ugly. People will feel embarrassed and confused and they will lash out as they only know how to do – with violence. I fear left-leaning folks have not been taught self control and they will lose their minds if that happens. Do not be afraid, but be cautious.

One last thing – have you SEEN the number of people spilling out into the streets across cities all over the country?

There are pictures of people passing bottles of alcohol around to each other as well. Strangers, directly sharing germs.

I guess COVID is over??

Did we not predict COVID would be over if the Democrats won?

You have to see, YOU HAVE TO RECOGNIZE, that we have been set up! This has all be a set up from the first of the year for this very moment in time. The pandemic, the chaos, the mail-in ballots being sent back in weeks before election day.

Please wake up. Please. I don’t know about you, but I don’t appreciate being played a fool.

Anyway. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. Be patient. Let’s see how this LEGALLY plays out.

ADDED: By the way, I would highly recommend that you start downloading some of these opposing view, or “evidence” videos. YouTube is deleting this stuff left and right. I would also recommend you screen capture Tweets as well because Twitter is also “censoring” this stuff. I’m starting a folder because I can’t trust the media anymore. I want PROOF when shit hits the fan.

I downloaded the 4K downloader to download YouTube Videos. So far, it’s been working pretty well. I ran it through Malware to make sure it didn’t have a hidden virus before installing it on my computer. Anyway. It’s time to compile “evidence.” Just sayin’.