Interview with Dree

Hello Blogfam and welcome.

I’d like to introduce Dree Sanders. Dree is a supporting character in this story. She has graciously allowed me to pick her brain and to share her with you all. Welcome Dree.

Dree: Thanks.

Me: You look mad.

Dree: I’m not mad. But I don’t think I appreciate the supporting character part of your introduction.

Me: But you are a supporting character. You’re not the main character so …

Dree: Whatever.

Me: Okay. *swallows nervously* So tell us about your relationship with Maya.

Dree: I don’t have a relationship with Maya.

Me: *nervous laugh* Wow. This interview is going great. Are you saying you’re an enemy of Maya’s?

Dree: I wouldn’t say enemy, per se …

Me: *waits*

Dree: *sigh* I guess we’re more like frenemies …

Me: Why is that? What happens?

Dree: *gives her a condescending look* Pretty sure I can not contractually answer that question.

Me: *shrugs* Maybe not. Okay, do you hate Maya?

Dree: I don’t feel anything for Maya. She’s my competitor. But … *big sigh* I guess I admire her, too.  If you tell her I said that, I will stab you.

Me: She’s kidding Blogfam … she wouldn’t really stab me. *tilts head* Would you?

Dree: *shrugs*

Me: How did you and Maya meet?

Dree: I actually kicked her ass.

Me: *blinks* You … that’s how you met??

Dree: Yep.

Me: Like, *nervous laugh* did you jump her in an alley? I don’t understand.

Dree: No. God, *rolls eyes* In kick boxing.

Me: Oh, of course. So that’s how you two met?

Dree: Pretty sure I just said that.

Me: Geez Dree, no reason to be a bi … difficult.

Dree: *smirks* It was easy to kick her ass. She’s not very good at kickboxing.

Me: I see. Let’s switch it up. Do you have a boyfriend?

Dree: That’s personal.

Me: *waits for an answer*

Dree: *sighs* Fine. Yes .. and no.

Me: Oh my God, Dree! It’s like pulling teeth to talk to you! You’re the who agreed to this interview.

Dree: Actually, no I didn’t. You forced me to ..

Me: *holds up a hand* Stop. Just stop. The purpose of this interview is to introduce you to the Blogfam as well as give me an idea of who and what you are. I have to say, I’m not exactly a fan of you right now.

Dree: Ditto.

Me: *takes a calming breath* Look. Just tell us your role in this story.

Dree: I keep everyone from killing each other.

Me: Do people turn on each other?? I don’t remember that being part of the plan!

Dree: What do you mean part of the plan? You don’t even know what the plan is yet! You haven’t written the story yet.

Me: But the little I’ve planned out in my head does not say my characters kill each other.

Dree: You’re forgetting one little fact.

Me: What?

Dree: There is a whole lot about this story you don’t know yet. How do you know what happens in the middle? Answer, you don’t. What if I go on a killing spree?

Me: Then I guess I’ll have Maya take you out.

Dree: *snorts* That princess? I’d like to see you try!

Me: Are you threatening me, Dree?

Dree: You started it.

Me: *takes a calming breath* Okay … this is getting weird. Let’s move … wait, you never answered the question about having a boyfriend? *consults transcript* Wait. You answered it .. sort of.

Dree: *dramatic sigh* You’re annoying.

Me: Ditto.

Dree: *cracks a smile in spite of herself* Touché.

Me: ….

Dree: What makes you think I have a crush on a boy?

Me: *slow blink* You’re a lesbian?

Dree: Maybe.

Me: I mean … if that’s what you’re in to, I’m not judging. Not to mention, I really don’t care but …

Dree: *laughs* I’m not into girls … though there are a few characters in your story I would do if I swung that way.

Me: Gah. This conversation just gets more and more strange. *clears throat* What are some things you like to participate in?

Dree: S & M, kinky exhibitionist stuff.

Me: Dree!

Dree: *loud laugh*

Me: Will you please be serious. I’m trying to get to know you here and you’re doing your best to keep me at arm’s length.

Dree: I don’t get close to people.

Me: Oh, why is that?

Dree: *shrugs*

Me: No. You don’t get to not answer that. Spill the tea.

Dree: *gives it some thought* Because people suck.

Me: Meaning …?

Dree: People are constant disappointments. I can’t count on anyone, ever. I can only count on myself.

Me: Sounds like you’ve been let down in your life.

Dree: You could say that.

Me: Tell me about your home life?

Dree: What home life?

Me: What are your parents like?

Dree: I have no idea.

Me: You’re not close to your parents?

Dree: I don’t have parents.

Me: Dree, come on. Someone impregnated your mother so that you could be born. You didn’t just appear out of thin air.

Dree: Sometimes I wish I had.

Me: Bad people?

Dree: You could say that.

Me: Do you have any contact with them?

Dree: God no.

Me: When did you move out?

Dree: I didn’t. They kicked us out.

Me: Us?

Dree: *bites her lip* My little brother.

Me: *raises eyebrows* I didn’t know you had a brother.

Dree: I don’t.

Me: *exasperated chuckle* Dree! You just said …

Dree: We both came from foster care. We actually ended up in the same shitty household and we both picked up our shit and left when things got too intense. We’re not really family, but we’ve been through some stuff so … we’re close.

Me: Does he make an appearance in the story?

Dree: Maybe.

Me: Hmmm. So you’ve never felt like finding  your true parents?

Dree: *shrugs* I’ve thought about it. But what will that accomplish? They obviously didn’t want me so … I say, good riddance.

Me: *pity look*

Dree: Stop looking at me like that. I like who I am and my experiences are why I am the way I am. So … I don’t see it as a bad thing.

Me: I suppose you’re right, that’s a good way of looking at it. Did you graduate from high school?

Dree: Yes. Barely.

Me: What have you been up to since high school?

Dree: A buddy of mine got me a job at the gym to keep me out of trouble. He didn’t pay me but offered me room and board for exchange of keeping his place clean. *shrugs* I dig it.

Me: How long have you been doing that?

Dree: A few years.

Me: Is your brother from another mother working there, too?

Dree: *looks off into the distance* No. I lost track of him about the time I started at the gym. I’m not sure what happened to him.

Me:  You don’t keep in touch?

Dree: No.

Me: What happened?

Dree: *sighs* Honestly, I’m not sure. One day he was there, we were making plans to hike to California and the next, he disappeared.

Me: Do you think something happened to him?

Dree: I don’t know. I hope not.

Me: Do you ever want to look for him?

Dree: Every day.

Me: Then you should do it.

Dree: I plan on it. But I don’t have the money to make that happen right now.

Me: Speaking of money – so the gym is your job?

Dree: One of three.

Me: What else do you do?

Dree: I’m a receptionist at a chiropractor’s office. The doctor is a dick, actually. And a disc jockey at the Midnight Rodeo.

Me: Oh really? That sounds fun.

Dree: It helps pay the bills.

Me: How do you define happiness?

Dree: Wow. That was a switch.

Me: Yeah. Sorry. I feel like this interview is not going anywhere.

Dree: *grins playfully*

Me: *chuckles* So … happiness?

Dree: *looks thoughtful* Stability. It’s hard to be happy when everything and everyone around you is unpredictable. I’m quick on my feet and I’m a bad ass multi-tasker but it would be nice to just have boring once in a while.

Me: I can understand that. Do you have a nickname?

Dree: Yeah. But it’s not something I can repeat here. It’s a Blogfam after all.

Me: *laughs* I appreciate you not sharing. What is your favorite band?

Dree: Oh wow. That’s a toughie. I like all kinds of music though I’m not crazy about opera.

Me: Who is?

Dree: *laughs* I really can’t answer that. Sort of depends on what mood I’m in. Or what time of the month it is.

Me: *nods* Got it. Do you like to read?

Dree: Sometimes. I dig graphic novels. I’m a visual person.

Me: Are you artistic?

Dree: I’ve done some art but it’s not very good.

Me: How do you know? Have you ever shown it to anyone before?

Dree: People see it every day.

Me: *blinks* Really? Like in an art gallery?

Dree: *spurts out a laugh* Uh, no.

Me: Then where?

Dree: You know the train station downtown?

Me: Yeah … wait. Are you talking about that incredible mural on the side of the building .. facing north?

Dree: *nods*

Me: YOU did that?

Dree: Well, me and some friends.

Me: Don’t you mean acquaintances?

Dree: *laughs* Nice.

Me: Well, I’m impressed. That’s some seriously good art.

Dree: Thanks.

Me: What do you do to pamper yourself after a bad day?

Dree: Smoke pot.

Me: Dree!

Dree: Just keeping it 100.

Me: No mani /pedi. Shopping. Buying yourself a coffee?

Dree: *snorts* Are you crazy? Who do you think I am, Maya??

Me: *laughs* I guess not.

Dree: Did she say that?

Me: No comment. *grins* What is your greatest fear?

Dree: Spiders, I guess. Seems like a dull answer but I’ve lived on the streets and have dealt with all sorts of creatures … oh rats. I HATE rats. Those things are disgusting and I’ve seen them get as big as cats. *shudders*

Me: *shudders in reaction* I can only imagine. What is the best thing in your life?

Dree: Jimbo.

Me: Who is that?

Dree: He’s the man who quite literally saved my life and gave me a place to stay at the gym. He’s a hard ass but he’s also the kindest person I’ve ever met.

Me: What is the worst thing in your life?

Dree: Not having my own place to crash, I guess. It sucks not having a home. I mean, sure, I have a place at the gym, but it’s not mine, you know?

Me: *nods* I get it. Kind of goes back to that stability thing, huh?

Dree: Exactly.

Me: What are three things you value most in life?

Dree: Wow. You’re asking some pretty deep questions here. New flash: I’m ain’t that deep. *laughs*

Me: Humor me. *grins*

Dree: *sighs* You’re making my head hurt … let me think … my health, my bank account and the fact that I can pretty much kick anyone’s ass. *laughs*

Me: I guess that will have to do. *grins* I was hoping for something more substantial.

Dree: As I said, I ain’t that deep.

Me: Tell me about your clothing style. Like, I’m digging this little crop top, baggy pants and chunky sneakers you’re wearing now.

Dree: Thanks. I like tight clothes. If you got it, flaunt it.

Me: I guess that’s one way to put it.

Dree: Look. Are we almost done? I’m going to need to go to the club soon. I’ve got some tunes to put together for tonight.

Me: Yeah sure. Sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you so long. I find you interesting, Dree.

Dree: You and everyone else in the world. *laughs*

Me: Are you always this confident?

Dree: Not always .. I have some insecurities.

Me: Oh! Pray tell.

Dree: Nope. I gotta jet. It was nice to meet you. Thanks for chatting me up.

Me: It was my pleasure, Dree. I look forward to writing you into my story.

Dree: Gotta have something to spice it up. *winks* Later.

Okay Blogfam. That was Dree. She’s my bad girl in the story. I have an idea of what her role is in the story .. we’ll see how that flushes out. She surprised me. As usual, I feel like she sort of led ME around by the nose and her backstory just sort of happened.

I’m going to wrap this up and write a bit more on a different project.

Talk to you soon!