Bullet Journal

December Bullet Journal Cover

Here is my December 2020 bullet journal cover. Full size is 420 x 595 pixels and fits an A5 journal page. Feel free to download it for your own journal, if you wish.

I’m currently working on my December spreads.

As usual, I will be including the following:

  1. Weather
  2. Sleeping
  3. Productivity Tracker
  4. Steps / Moods
  5. Reading

I will be adding these spreads this month:

  1. Writing / Blogging Tracker
  2. Podcast page
  3. YouTube video ARC review schedule (more on that soon)
  4. Yearly favorites page – YouTube videos and songs
  5. Best 5-star books I read this year (will post it on my blog, too)
  6. Top news stories of the year – blog version, too
  7. Dear Future Me – may post a blog version
  8. Vacation Ideas
  9. Places we’ve been (Kevin and I lose track!)
  10. Goals wrap up
  11. Photo of the month?

You know, I was happy getting back to a minimalist approach to my journal but the more I watch bullet journal videos, the more excited I get to add more spreads.

And of course, there are the pages I use for journaling because it’s a journal after all. I had 12 journaling pages this month. (Private thoughts, not for public consumption).

Here are some pictures from November:

My sleep and reading tracker. I haven’t quite decided if I like this type of sleep tracker, but I haven’t found any other tracker that I like better, so … and my reading tracker, I only read two books this month. FAIL. But, I was so focused on NaNoWriMo I just didn’t have the time, nor the energy, to read. I plan on catching up in December though – my goal is to read 90 books and I’m currently at 83.

Here is my NaNoWriMo spread. I don’t know why I made the right-side spread to 95K – AS IF! haha! But I do like seeing my word count at a glance. I plan on continuing this in December. As you can see, I didn’t write every day in November – my brain wouldn’t allow that. I did “reward” myself though, which was fun. I didn’t write it in, but I plan on buying myself some wireless earbuds as I plan on getting back to walking in December.

I am having so much fun with my productivity tracker. It changes each month, for example, I will be adding a walking icon for next month, and a painting icon (I plan on working on a paint-by-number for my office – because let’s face it, I’m not an artist and I need all the help I can get), and the Christmas shopping icon will go away as I already have all of my Christmas shopping done. And some days, like the 10th, all I had energy for was getting through clinic that day. I tell ya, dealing with people is EXHAUSTING.

And lastly, my weather, steps and moods tracker. I love keeping track of the weather. Kevin and I are always “arguing” about it not being this cold last year, or whatever, and now I can pull my journals out and show him I’m right. HA! I would like to spice up my steps/moods tracker though – how boring. I went this route on the moods tracker because I wanted to broaden my moods horizon. I’m never just happy, sad, angry or meh. I’m ALL the feels. *smirk*

By the way, I found this super cute pencil case for the journaler/writer in your life, if you need a gift idea. The kitty head slides down when opened so you can get to your pens/pencils, then slides back up to close. (not sponsored)

RIGHT?!? You’re welcome. 🙂

See? This is why you should follow me – you never know what sort of information you’re going to get from me. 

Happy journaling!