Bullet Journal

September Bullet Journal

Welcome to another mediocre bullet journal post.

Moving on to September …

Here is my cover page:

Feel free to download it and use it for your journal. The image is an A5 size if you have an A5 journal. I get the pictures from Unsplash, a freely-usable image. I can’t draw, I’m certainly not an artist, but I do like pictures. I picked this picture because we will be traveling to Florida very soon.

*gasp* Yes. We are daring to travel. Don’t worry. We will be cautious and will be socially distancing as we’ll be spending the majority of our time on the beach.

That’s pretty isolating, overall.

Anyway, I’ll talk more about that trip soon.

I’m really digging my new spreads.

I like this book template a lot. And my overall mood and step tracker. Nothing new there.

I’m sticking to one color and black throughout the month. I’m liking the consistency and it looks more uniform and less messy.

Still doing the weather tracker (I’m doing a weather tracker primarily because I want proof to refer to when people start commenting on “this is the wettest summer we’ve had on record” or whatever the case may be because then I can go back and say, “Um … actually …”)

I changed up my sleep tracker. I wanted someplace to document the amount of sleep I’m getting and on what days. I don’t really sleep that well so I’m trying to track a pattern. I’m liking the layout so far.

Got my travel plan and my packing list for our trip to Florida. (Notice the travel details are blocked out because … well … it’s the Internet).

My journaling pages so far.

And the most fun tracker I’ve done to date – a productivity tracker. I DID A DUTCH DOOR! Not very well, granted, but still, not bad for a first attempt. Not sure how often I will do dutch doors but I do know that if I’m going to do them again I need an X-ACTO knife because it’s near impossible to cut close to the page without accidentally snipping the binding, that would suck.

I’m sure my activities will change from time-to-time but for now, I tried to incorporate my most common activities. There are more activities on the back of the dutch door. Those are more housecleaning and general entertainment activities.

Anyway, I was immediately intrigued about the productivity tracker the first time I saw it was a “thing” and knew I would have to at least try it once. So far, it’s been pretty fun and also sobering. I’m not really that busy, anyone who knows me knows I’m one of the most boring people on Earth, but it DOES motivate me to do more just so I can put an icon on my productivity tracker. And that’s really all I want it for – to motivate me to BE more productive in whatever I’m doing.

If you would like to know more about what a productivity tracker is and how to set it up, I recommend you watch this video.

I’m pretty happy with these spreads and I don’t really see myself changing them or adding any more on, but you never know. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to post anything about my bullet journal at this stage as it’s pretty straight forward and not very pretty to look at, but if I change things up or start adding calligraphy at some point I might post periodic updates.

I highly recommend keeping journals. Not necessarily bullet journals, but just someplace to write your innermost thoughts. It’s therapeutic in a lot of ways and helps clean out the clutter in your mind. I think journals have been very helpful to me because now that my blog has been discovered in my “real life”, journals allow me a space to write what I’m REALLY thinking as I can’t really do that on this platform because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by my “honesty.”

Anyhoo, I hope you’re having fun with your journal journey!