Bullet Journal

June Bullet Journal Cover

May was busy. But ya’ll knew it was going to be. If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know that we are down three MA’s, (medical assistants) at work this month and one nurse retired. This means I have volunteered to take one of the doctors that lost her MA, Dr. S., along with my normal doctor, Dr. M., and now I am taking care of two doctors. One is a full time job, two is over time.

So, I haven’t really done much outside of work/sleep this month. But let’s be honest, I don’t normally do much outside of work and sleep anyway, it’s just been amped up a few notches this month.

And honestly, it will be like this for me this whole summer.

We interviewed a few MA’s this month, only two, because no one is working right now, they’re all staying home and enjoying the money the government is giving them under the guise of COVID relief which the rest of us working stiffs are paying for, and the fact that there aren’t very many people going into healthcare right now so it’s slim pickings.

The first MA was very young, just out of MA school and had zero experience. We’re not opposed to training on-the-job, but we would prefer someone who has SOME work experience – this girl was green-green.

The second MA was older, a breast care survivor, has worked for the hospital for 29 years and was very sweet. The reason we turned her down … she’s not a quick thinker. She couldn’t answer a few of the interview questions. Even if she gave some bullshit answer, it would have been preferable to, “I can’t think of anything to say.” To me, that is someone who doesn’t think on her feet and this job DEMANDS someone think quick on his/her feet.

Even though we’re short handed, we don’t just want a warm body, we want someone who will be worth the time and training investment – so – it looks like I will be Dr. S’s MA for the foreseeable future – unless they mandate the experimental injectable, i.e. COVID vaccine, and then they will REALLY be hurting for people because I’m not sticking around for that.

But I digress … let’s move on to my May journal spreads. As always, prepare to be IMPRESSED.

My May cover and steps page. I’m not crazy about the color combo this month, but I thought they were a good match to the flowered cover page so …

Weather and sleep – I don’t feel like I did very good on my sleep this month. In fact, according to my Garmin tracker, I consistently only got about 3 hours of deep sleep every night. No wonder I’m a zombie. Also, I had a lot on my mind this month so that probably accounts for that. Also – I was “trying” to write sleep in a fancy font – as you can see, I failed miserably.

Wow – terrible tracking this month. And yes, the journal tracker is correct. I just didn’t have the energy to journal. However, I have decided I am going to sum up the month instead of writing daily every once in a while in my journal so I’ll take that tracker off next month. And yes, the cleaning tracker is correct – I cleaned one time this month. Okay fine, I’m keeping track of deep cleaning on this tracker, not cleaning up after myself and making sure we don’t have to wear swim shoes in the shower clean. Walking tracker is also correct – I was already getting 8-10 thousand steps during the work week, I didn’t want to do anymore.

(Go back to sleep tracker results).

I did something different with my mood tracker this month and I’m digging it. I wrote out a sentence that summed up my day to explain the mood I selected for that day. I will definitely keep this tracker. This also likely explains why I didn’t journal this month, I already summed up the day, I didn’t have enough energy to go into details.

My podcast titles, (pretty proud of myself, didn’t miss a week this month) and zero videos. I swear, I’m working on that part. In fact, I filmed myself three times this past week but didn’t want to post it because I didn’t finish the week and felt like a failure so I will tack them on to this week’s video. (Don’t hold your breath on getting that video – I’m a little wishy-washy on videos – I’m sure you picked up on that by now).

The books I read.

And my writing tracker – against, a colossal fail.

My blog post tracker/idea page. Funny. I write these down and then never look at it again. That’s super helpful!

And I tried something else different this month – wrote down some songs I was digging this month along with headlines that I want to remember/memorialize.

And that’s it! I know I make fun of myself on these journal spreads, and let’s face it, there’s so much to laugh at, but honestly, I’m having fun with them and I figure they will be fun to look back on someday, right?

Bullet Journal

May Bullet Journal Cover

Sorry, I should have warned you to wear sunglasses for May’s bullet journal cover. But it’s bright and cheery and I feel like that’s what we need right now because the world is dreary and crazy and needs to lighten up. Can I get an Amen?

Anyway – HI! I’m back from the dead. Actually, no I’m not. I was sick for about ten-ish days with a wicked sinus … whatever, but it’s gone now and I’m feeling good. I still can’t smell, but I can taste so we’re making progress. I have no idea if I had COVID. If I did, my symptoms were all in my sinuses and not in my lungs, thank God, but who knows. You can’t trust the tests, you can’t trust vaccines, you can’t trust the CDC because the story changes on a daily basis – all I can do is live my best life. And that’s what I’m doing now.

So I apologize for being MIA for nearly the entire month of April. I just couldn’t bring myself to blog after work – my brain was pure mush. Whatever I had sapped the energy right out of me and I was sooooo freaking tired, more so than usual. However, I really want to stay ahead of the blogging game this month because we’re about to be three MA’s short at work and I’m going to be consistently working three clinics per week, then frantically returning phone calls and working messages, preparing for upcoming clinics and making sure patients are scheduled for appointments and testing after clinics, (i.e. cleaning up clinics), and most likely earning overtime so … it’s going to be a rough month. Probably a rough summer, but whatever, one day at a time.

But more on that craziness as it develops.

Back to bullet journaling. Prepare yourselves for PURE AWESOMENESS:

Peek-a-boo, I see you! Here is my cover page and my steps tracker. I’m actually pretty proud of my steps tracker – I got a lot of steps in this month considering I felt like walking excrement. Notice the construction paper strip on the right-hand side that says steps? Well, that wasn’t my attempt at being craft, that was me covering up one of hundreds of mistakes I make when I put these bullet journals together. I put a piece of washi tape down and then tried to write on it. WOW – it really didn’t work and looked like garbage, so I put that paper down to cover it up. I sort of like it, truth be known. And I really want to put some tabs, or some sort of marker in my journals so I can flip through to past months.

I mean, I say that, but it won’t actually happen because let’s be honest, I don’t really have any interest in flipping back, I’m always a thinking-into-the-future-sort-of-gal. I live in the future, I definitely do not have any desire to go backwards in life.

(Hence the reason I have never, and will never, attend any of my high school reunions. I mean – WHY?? That was part of my life that has been firmly lived and I’m not even the same person I was in high school).

Don’t ask me why I put that funky pattern at the bottom – I was feeling CRAFTY, leave me alone.

Weather and sleep tracker – nothing special here. Moving on.

My habit and mood trackers. Gads, it just makes me sad when I see how empty my habit trackers are. Once again, not ONE SQUARE filled in for my fiction. Which means, I SUCKED at the April Camp NaNoWriMo. *sigh* Ah well, there’s always July.

And though I got quite a few steps this month at work, I didn’t fill in one square on my walking tracker because I’m using the walking tracker for when I am putting on my spandex, (now THERE’S a scary image, eh?), plugging in my bluetooth earbuds and walking either on the treadmill or outside. Which, now that the weather is getting nicer, I plan on doing that.

Any my journal tracker? Yep. It’s that bare. I only wrote it in a handful of times. But in my defense, how many times can I write, “I feel like crap and just want to bury my head under the covers and do nothing” before it gets old? Exactly.

(Side note: I’m pretty sure I got that sinus crap from being forced to wear a mask all day every day at work. Think about it – how can there NOT be some sort of repercussion from wearing a face mask and breathing my moist C02 all day? How?!?)

My mood tracker – no, your eyes are not deceiving you – those are indeed bunnies and squirrels. Yes, I’m a grown-ass woman, hush. But it was Easter month and I had bunnies on the brain. (Clearly). My moods were: happy, annoyed, meh, tired, fed up and sick. I don’t know, there is something relaxing about coloring in something after a long day of work. Anyhoo – I had a lot of annoyed days – which about sums up my working life.

My podcast/videos, reading and writing trackers. Again, sad state of affairs. I did read five books this month but I’m not surprised by that – that is the only thing I had energy for this past month. I only recorded two out of the four podcasts I had planned – again, because I was sick and I lost my voice for a bit as well, so …

I want to post short update videos at some point, that’s what I’m thinking with the videos portion – though to be fair, I do film our Right From Us podcast with my husband Kevin and we did just post a cooking with us video trying out Hello Fresh that I’ll post soon, so I guess technically, I should list those under videos. But I downloaded the TikTok app to my phone, and started another Instagram account for just my blog that I would like to try out. I’m still learning the apps though. And can you only post live Instagram stories? I would rather record them and then put them on my blog, I don’t really want to go live, but whatever, I’ll figure it out. So if you see random videos of me popping up on the blog this month, you’ve been warned.

We won’t talk about my writing tracker. *sad face*

And another very sad tracker – I’m trying to go through and list my blog and Patreon posts for the month so that I’m not sitting down after a long day of work and trying to figure out what the heck I’m going to post about. I’m going to continue this idea and it will hopefully look much better at the end of May.

Okay – I need to jump into the shower and get ready for my hair appointment today. I’m getting my grays colored and my hair trimmed and I’m bracing myself for another $100 bill. It makes me physically sick to pay that much for my hair but I’m too lazy to find another stylist and the one I go to is literally less than two miles away from my house so it’s super convenient. I got spoiled with my old stylist – I loved her, she did a great job and only charged me about $50 bucks to do my hair (though I usually gave her a pretty generous tip). Sadly, her salon couldn’t sustain the lockdowns, (thanks government – idiots) and they closed down last December. I’ve only been to this hairstylist once and she did a great job but wow, she’s expensive. Thankfully, I only go to the salon four times a year, yep, you read that correctly, every 12 weeks, so it’s not THAT bad, I know a lot of people go way more often than that.

Goodbye April and hello May. Be nicer to me, will you?

Your turn – have you been bullet journaling? Share links of your pages or tell me how it’s going in the comments!

Bullet Journal

April Bullet Journal Cover

Not exactly earth shattering – bunnies = Easter, but I thought it was cute and different and I liked the colors, which I sort of kept to, you’ll see in April’s spreads. I wish I could draw bunnies, but alas, I don’t wish to offend any bunnies out there by trying.

I didn’t journal very much this month. I didn’t have a whole lot to say. *GASP* Quick! Mark that down in your calendars, but really, this month just sort of glided along. We’re still crazy short handed at work but somehow, we’re all making it work because WE’RE THE BOSS, and that’s all I’ve had energy for this month, just surviving work.

Weather has been good. Lots of sunshine and 60-degree days. The winds are coming though, which means tornado season will be upon us soon, but so far, so good.

Our youngest son, Brandon, turned 26 this month. Our BABY is 26 years old. *SIGH* It’s so weird to have children in their m-d to-late twenties. That means, we’re OLD. But I don’t FEEL old, until, I look closely in a mirror and then I’m reminded that I’m no longer a spring chicken.

Just wait, you young whippersnappers out there, you’ll see what I mean when you get to be my age. I look my age but I FEEL like I’m still in my 30’s.

Sort of sucks when reality doesn’t match your inner self.

Anyway …

Here are pictures of my March spreads – prepare to be AMAZED. *snort*

The cover page and my steps. I like the green and black – really pops. Don’t ask me why I put a arrow-thing design on the bottom of the page. I did that with my April steps page, too. All I know is that I have a packet of cool design templates and I’m dying to use them.

So there.

Didn’t do as good on my steps this month. You can really tell when I was off work and/or it was the weekend. I literally sit around all day on my days off. I’m staring at my Kindle or staring at my computer monitor. I do a lot of staring. If I stared a little less I would probably be a lot more productive. But some days, my brain is just, “NOPE.”

Another Earth shattering weather and sleep spread. Again – I don’t know WHY I like keeping track of the weather. It’s just something my brain refuses to give up. I’m old. Aren’t old people supposed to be obsessed with the weather?

Don’t answer that.

And if I were to guess what my average sleep hours? About 7 … ish. I could add up all of those sleep hours up and figure it out but I’m tired and my brain is all “NOPE.”

My habit trackers and my mood tracker.

Let’s all address the elephant in the room, shall we? I didn’t write a damn word or walk a damn step (outside of work) all month.

Yep, I’m a loser.

I also didn’t post anything on my Instagram but who am I kidding? I don’t even like Instagram all that much and I’m changing habits next month to something I might actually accomplish.

As you can see on my mini calendar, (because let’s face it, I’m not busy enough to warrant a FULL size calendar), I was off for a few days, (why does it feel like that happened months ago instead of weeks ago? That can’t be a good sign), Brandon turned 26 and Blake had all of his wisdom teeth cut out this month.

He spent the night with us the night he had them done because you just never know how people will react when put under anesthesia. (We could hardly get him to go home the next day because he was enjoying being babied so much. Ha!)

And my moods … cute turtles, right? However, I hated not having more than four emotions to choose from because let’s face it, I’m a complicated woman and I feel a minimum of 60 different emotions throughout my day and it annoyed me, (see?? Another emotion), that I didn’t have emotions to color in. I mean, sure, I had a lot of “meh” days, and thankfully, not very many sad days and probably too many mad days, but I was also productive, giddy, annoyed, irritated, and every other emotion you can name. So, I’ll be changing that up this next month but I had fun coloring in the turtles.

Hush, it was therapeutic.

Here is my reading tracker, (read 5 books this month, not bad), did three podcasts and worked/finished my Patreon. My writing tracker is pathetic but hopefully that gets better with time.

The rest of my pages are my actual journal pages and of course, I’m not sharing those pages. (Especially now that my co-workers have found my blog and have discovered that I’m an INTERNATIONAL SUPER BLOGGER.)

I try and stay humble but it’s not always easy.

Here’s one of my favorite bullet journal videos from April. I have such a fascination for watching people paint and just be artistic. I envy their talent. I mean, I have to use templates, for Pete’s sake, and I don’t even do that well.

Anyway, enjoy! And please consider supporting your favorite creators by joining their Patreon! It’s only a few dollars per month but to the creator, it’s priceless.

Bullet Journal

March Bullet Journal Cover

February was rough. We had a week of ice and a week of snow. We actually had two snow storms back-to-back – combined, they dumped about seven inches on the ground. We haven’t had snow in quite some time, we were due. But the star of the show was the temperatures. Negative degree low temperatures. Our heater didn’t really shut off. And that’s after we turned it down to 63 at night (which is normal for us as we sleep better when it’s cold) and 65 during the day. Our house is old and drafty though so it wasn’t surprising that our heater struggled to keep up. I am, however, DREADING the heating bill. I’m sure it will be much higher than we’re used to.

Did you guys hear about the heating bills Texans were getting? THOUSANDS of dollars. I think I’d have a heart attack. (Green energy is fine, but what about bad weather? Gotta have a backup plan, folks!)

It was also a rough month at work – more on that Tuesday.

So yeah. March, green  … go hand-in-hand. Not exactly original but I’ve just about had it with all the gray we’ve been experiencing lately. Feel free to use this cover. It should fit an A5 journal.

Speaking of journal – I’m starting a brand new journal in March! I’m using a Rhodia journal and just finished Turquoise Tom, (I guess I’m naming my journals now) and now I’m getting ready to crack open my Purple Paul. I’ve chosen the Rhodia notebooks because they are soft back and the paper *chef’s kiss*. Since I use my bullet journal as both a planner and a journal, it was important to me to have easy, scratch-free, paper to write on. So far, I’m really loving it. I wanted a soft back because it just FEELS more like a journal and it would be easier to carry around with me when (IF) we travel again. I started my turquoise one mid-August so I got six-ish months out of it. I’m sure I’ll get about another six months in my purple one. It sort of bothers the OCD part of me that I’m not starting a brand new journal in January and June but it bothers me more to think of not finishing a journal and using all of the pages so … I’ll just have to ignore that little detail.

Enough babbling – here are my pages from February:

My steps – notice how many steps I got in this month. Yep, I’ve started walking again. Woohoo! Not only am I walking because I want to tone back up but it REALLY helps my anxiety – which I never had before I started this medical assistant job. (Not exactly a good advertisement for being a medial assistant but hey – just keeping it real, folks).

Weather seems like such a boring thing to keep track of, but I like to look back and remember the crazy weather days as well as have proof for when someone spouts Climate Change crap at me and I can open up my journal and point out, “Um, actually, it was this cold last year, too.”

I goofed up on my sleep tracker page (shocker!) and was watching a YouTube video (shocker) while I was putting this together and accidentally put in “steps” instead of “sleeping” so I had to improvise and tear a piece of paper and put over the “steps” part. But you know what? I’m sort of digging it and I think I’ll do more of that in the future. Do you know how cheaply you can buy craft/construction paper? It’s like a $0.25 a piece. Or maybe that’s not that cheap considering it’s ONE PIECE OF PAPER.

Sleep amounts were pretty average for me. If you look closely, you’ll see that I’ve been staying up to midnight / 1:00 AM on Saturday nights. Kevin and I film our podcast together and then I come into my office and record my personal podcast.

Saturday is also the only day I allow myself caffeine.

My mood, writing, podcast and reading trackers. I need to do something different on writing tracker because I’m fooling NO ONE when I make a tracker like this. We all know there is no way I’m writing every single day of the month and setting a tracker up like this is just pathetic. And depressing. Because instead of motivating me to write more so I can put a number in the tracker, it just makes me yawn in disgust and find something else to do.

I can’t even attempt to explain my brain to you so there is no use in trying to understand it.

And my mood – meh. I like this tracker because I have a lot of moods – much more than just happy, sad, angry or meh. But I’m a bit bored with this tracker so I think I’m going to use a more traditional mood tracker next month.

The podcast tracker – there is supposed to be a YouTube tracker on this page as well, but I just can’t be bothered to set my camera up and film myself. It’s a lot work, people! Maybe next month. And my book tracker? Four measly books. But again, I’m sacrificing my reading to write on my blog more because apparently my pea brain can’t handle BOTH. *shudder*

And lastly, my “productivity” tracker. As you can see, I changed it up a bit this month. I was getting depressed on my previous productivity tracker because I really don’t DO much. It’s the same thing, over and over and over again and though it was fun to make and fun to fill out, it was just … boring. So, I thought I would make these cute little trackers this time. As you can see, my fiction and cleaning trackers are blank. Yes, they are accurate. No, I don’t clean very often.

Now before you go and think I’m a disgusting human being (which, to be fair, does apply at times), I clean up after myself. I clean the bathrooms every week, Kevin and I straighten up and make sure the kitchen is tidy, but I guess my definition of “cleaning” was mopping the floors. Which I don’t do very often. Because Kevin and I aren’t home very much and it’s just the two of us. (Okay fine, I’m trying to justify the fact that I HATE cleaning the floors).

But I do like these trackers so next month, I would like to do reading, walking, journal, blog, fiction and Instagram. I’d like to take more pictures and I have no excuse not to now. My Samsung A51 phone has an absolutely awesome camera and the weather is starting to turn nice so … time to get back to photography. I miss it. My problem is, I never do anything outside of home and work so it could be challenging. But Kevin and I have plans for the coming months so … (more on that Tuesday).

I am going to look up some writing trackers though. I would like to add a writing tracker that keeps track of my word count without depressing me. (It wouldn’t depress me if I actually did any writing but let’s not nitpick).

As always, I am going to leave you with the most interesting bullet journal plan with me video I watched these past few weeks. This YouTuber is pretty amazing. Enjoy.

(One last thing – if you’re reading this via RSS feed, I updated my blog look for March. Come visit!)


Bullet Journal

February Bullet Journal Cover

So – January is gone – POOF. Eleven more months until Christmas. You may smirk, but ya’ll know you’ll be pulling your Christmas decorations out within a few blinks. It’s amazing how fast time flies.

And January 2021 is over, never to return.

Only 47 months to go until Biden is gone. Assuming he leaves. Please God, MAKE HIM LEAVE.

*ahem* Anyway …

Time to move on to February, As usual, I didn’t get much done in January. My work life … it consumes me. I wish it didn’t, but it has. The big question is, how do I NOT allow it to consume me? I’m still working on that one …

Here is a glimpse of my sorry bullet journal pages this month:

I didn’t do as well with my steps this month. You can definitely tell when the weekend comes around – I barely hit 3000 steps. But whatever. I’m cool with it. However, I DO need to get back to walking and NO I didn’t get back to walking this month.

Is anyone really surprised?

I’m not doing a productivity tracker this month. One, I don’t have room because I just couldn’t make myself not use the remaining pages in my journal and two, my productivity trackers are boring. I don’t really DO anything and it’s always the same stuff. I think I’ll give it a rest this month. I like the tracker, it’s just depressing to look at it. Care to count the number of YouTube icons?

Yeah, me neither.

Self explanatory. We had three snow days and one ice day in January this year. I’m the only one who cares to remember that.

Not crazy about the mood/writing trackers – mainly because the writing side looks pathetic. Might do something different next month. I may have to break down and just draw some books as opposed to using the stencil – it depresses me that I’m not filling that up anymore. Four books this month – wow. And not wow in a good way.

The majority of my pages are journaling and of course, I don’t want to post the details – I get pretty raw and uncut in my journal but I wanted to put this in because look Ma! A quote! (Side note: that calendar sticker I bought from a little side shop and though I really like the girl, it took two months, TWO MONTHS, to get my order. Dude – come on!)

I started a book review section in my journal. I’m really digging it. It helps to look back on my impressions when I go to write my reviews. I will definitely be continuing that.

Here is this month’s best plan-with-me video, in my opinion. I think this girl needs WAY more followers. She’s so creative and imagine the patience it took to make this pop-up!


There is NO WAY I could ever do something like this. I’m just not creative enough and there is NO WAY I would have the patience to try this but wow, it is so fun to watch her do it! Have you ever attempted a pop-up in your journal?

Bullet Journal

January Bullet Journal Cover

Know what’s funny? The fact that I didn’t even know bullet journaling existed until about a year ago. How in the world, with my constant YouTube trolling, did I NEVER run across monthly plan-with-me bullet journal set ups.

Now, that’s all I watch. And if you ever need bullet journal ideas, YouTube is your source. There are sooooo many talented bullet journal people out there but don’t let their artistic ability, or your lack of artistic ability, scare you off. The beauty of bullet journaling is that you can do whatever you want. You can make it super minimalist and functional, or you can make it into a piece of functional art, the possibilities are endless.

For those interested in bullet journaling and want a place to start, let me see if I can help.

The thing is, you can start with a key, an index, a cover page, a quote page, a future log, a monthly log, a daily log, but do you really need to? Trick question, it’s up to you. You can do anything, remember? My advice is to start with the recommended spreads (which is a fancy way of saying pages) mentioned and try them out. See if they are a good fit. Then, add on more spreads, trackers, gratitude log, brain dumps, one line a day … and the list goes on.

I’ve done most of these and I have decided that most of these do not fit my life. I’m not a busy gal. Seriously. I work, come home, watch YouTube videos, journal, blog and record podcasts. I don’t have a busy social life, of my own design, and I don’t need planning spreads because I don’t plan anything. Instead, I have decided the only things I’m interested in keeping track of is my sleep, my daily steps and moods and the books I read every month. Outside of that? Not interested. I use a lot of my pages for journaling. My bullet journal is more of a journal than a planner. I don’t write every day, I usually end up using about 12 pages per month for journaling, but they have been THERAPUTIC for my soul and I’m so glad I’ve been doing it. You all know I blog and I’m pretty honest in my posts, however, there are some things that I would absolutely NOT share as it’s way too private and would hurt too many people if they knew what I was really thinking, so I keep my watered down thoughts here and write my innermost private thoughts in my journal.

It also clears my head leaving room for my creativity to stretch and grow.

All of this to say, there are no rules when it comes to journaling and if you’ve been thinking of starting a journal, I say do it. I think you’ll have fun and it will be fun for you to look back on someday. Not to mention, if you do have a busy schedule, it will help you organize your life and you’ll feel more productive.

As far as the notebook to use? Again, so many options. Don’t feel like you have to buy something super expensive. I know Archer and Olive are popular but they’re about $35 bucks a journal. Instead, buy a cheaper book, especially when you’re starting out, to see if a bullet journal is for you. Then invest in nicer books if you think you’re going to stick to it every month.

Here are my spreads for December:

My cover page and my sleep tracker. I’ve decided I like this tracker the best – I feel like it tells me more at a glance. And speaking of trackers – there are so many ways to set up trackers – again, experiment. You’ll soon find the ones you like. (Check out a ton of ideas on Pinterest – just search for bullet journal and allow yourself a few hours to scroll through the thousands of examples).

My productivity tracker. I’ve done these spreads for a few months now and though fun, they are sort of depressing, too. As you can see, I do the same things over and over and over again. There is not much variety to my life, again, by design, so I’m thinking of NOT doing any more productivity trackers.

Here is my weather and steps tracker. I don’t know why I like keeping track of the weather. I think I want something to flip back to in case someone comes along and says, “Wow – climate change is getting worse. Look how unseasonably warm it was today!” Then I can flip back to my weather trackers and say, “Actually it was this warm a few years back.”

And of course, my steps tracker. I like this spread because you can tell, at a glance, how lazy I’ve been. (See the low days? Yep – those are the weekends. I’m either in my chair at my desk blogging or writing or sitting on the sofa and reading.)

And my mood tracker and books read / podcast tracker. I’ve decided I like this calendar set up for my moods. I tried the typical mood trackers where you’re happy, sad, angry or meh but honestly folks, I have so many more moods I didn’t want to tie myself down to just those four.

And before you think I’m artsy myself, don’t be too impressed. You’re seeing stamps and stencils – I don’t draw anything free hand because I can’t.

The next twelve pages are my journal pages. Obviously, I’m not going to show those. But I do like to dress them up with stickers, stencils or cutesie stamps.

I decided to continue using my turquoise Rhodia notebook for January. I was tossing the idea around of maybe starting a new journal since we’re starting a new year but I just couldn’t bring myself to waste all of the remaining pages so I’m putting January in this book. It sort of messes with my OCD tendencies NOT to start a new journal for the new year but I’ll get over it. I will likely need to start my purple Rhodia notebook in February though as I don’t think I can make my turquoise last past January.

I’m thinking of making some reading spreads. Here are some really cute ideas:

I love her TBR barndoor idea. I also LOVE the book tracker. I’m definitely going to put that in my January spreads and will keep track of my favorite books throughout the year. I think that will be really fun. I’ll show you how it turns out.

Anyway. I hope you give bullet journaling a try. Again, it’s what you make of it. Be creative or keep it minimal but hopefully it’s a useful tool for you and helps keep you organized in the coming year.

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Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Christmas Spread Ideas

I’m not artistic enough to give you some bullet journal Christmas spread ideas, but I thought I would share some of the great ideas I’ve come across. I especially love the advent calendar idea but I’m too lazy to actually do it. Maybe next year.

Link to Imprint’s downloadables.

More Cute Ideas


Other than a writing tracker, I haven’t really done anything different. No wait, that’s not true, I have a goals’ wrap up, a list of 5-star books I’ve read in 2020, a list of my podcasts and YouTube videos I’ve made this month (coming soon??), Vacation plans for 2021 (I HOPE), places Kevin and I have gone through the years, because quite frankly, we can’t even list them all, Dear Future Me letter that will be fun to read this time next year, top news stories of 2020 and photo of month because I want to get back to taking pictures and now that I have a decent phone, there is no excuse.

Those are my “special” spreads this month.

I have a dilemma though. The Rhodia notebook (which I’m still loving, by the way) likely won’t be completely used by the time December ends (unless I write pages and pages of personal journal stuff) and I don’t know if the OCD part of me is going to be able to handle starting January 2021 in this journal or if I will feel compelled to start the purple Rhodia I just received. (My current Rhodia is turquoise – I should name them like Caitlin’s Corner does).

Can you guess what I’m going to do?

Anyway, I thought I would share some of these cute ideas with you because not everyone has time to search for these things (I can because I don’t have a life outside of work) and maybe they will serve to inspire you with your own journaling.