Daily Prompts

My Life: Day Ten

I’m attempting to force myself to write in my blog every day. I’ve gotten SO BAD at keeping up these past several years and someday I’ll be dead and then what?

I’ll be gone but hopefully not forgotten. (Feel free to use these prompts for your own writing).

Today’s prompt(s):

Write a diary entry dated ten years in the future.

Dear 2029 me – I’M OLD!


Okay, who am I fooling? I’m just happy you’re still breathing to read this post.

So. You and Kevin have been married nearly 40 years. THAT’S SO CRAZY!

And that means Blake is 36 and Brandon is nearly 34. I hope they are married and have 2.5 kids by now.

Which would make us grandparents!!

You better be a cool grandma. You better have your priorities straight and always be there for your kids/grandkids because it makes a huge difference!

I wonder how many cruises we will have been on by now? We try to take one every year so by 2029 we’ll have been on … nearly 25 cruises? I wonder what sort of places we’ve been, what sort of adventures we’ve been on? What sort of beautiful, memorable pictures we have?

Am I still working in healthcare? I know girl, who knew you would last this long in a job. I’ve worked in healthcare the longest I’ve worked in any other job. I have a seven-year itch for nearly everything – jobs, cars. Am I doing something else? Legal field, maybe? (foreshadowing??)

Or maybe I quit and am now a full-time writer with three or four novels under my belt by now?

If not, WHY NOT?

So Kevin is well into his 60’s. Is he retired? Where is LeRoy?

What car am I driving? I hope it’s a sports car – my goal is to be a very COOL grandma someday. 🙂

Overall, future self, I hope you’re happy, healthy and secure. That’s all I ever wanted for you.

See you in another ten years!