At the Moment

Obsessed with These Daily Vlogs

I’ve mentioned the past that I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore. Nothing really interests me. Though I’m wondering if that changes once I get back on the treadmill and start watching shows to distract me from the fact THAT I’M DYING.

Still. I’ll make a vow right now – I will only watch TV on the treadmill.

There. Hold me accountable.

No. Instead of TV and reading, I’ve been OBSESSED with family vlogs. These two specifically:

And …

Ellie and Jared are the perfect parents. They are gentle, quiet, kind, patient and very loving to their boys. When I watched the Christmas Special, Part 2, I actually cried because the boys are just so sweet! I think it reminds me of when our boys were little and I MISS those days. I really do.

KKandBabyJ is a vlog I love because it’s a young, modern family that are simply DOING IT RIGHT. They are hip but they are clearly teaching their boys to be good  human beings. They have a great sense of humor and their boys are SO SWEET!! They are fun to watch and I pray if our boys ever get married, they live this kind of life.

I also feel envy when I watch these videos. Not for the family dynamics, though I do wish I had Ellie’s patience when the kids were little, but what a GREAT video diary of their lives to look back on when they get older. I WISH I had done something like this, either video, or blog format, just to look back on and reflect and appreciate those times. I have pictures, which is better than nothing, but there are no stories to go with those pictures and as time goes by, I am forgetting the little things surrounding those snapshots and that makes me sad.

I like to watch clean, wholesome videos like this because it just sort of “cleanses” my whole day. It makes me happy and I walk away feeling hopeful about people in general.