Can We Talk?

The Grave is a Problem, So is Sin …

… Jesus came down in flesh and solved both of them.

This is the quote from Phil Robertson in the clip below that struck me the most.

Actually, the whole video really struck me – hard – I cried several times, but if I were to sum up the purpose, the reason, behind this message, that would be it.

Human beings are so arrogant. We think we know it all. We blame other people/entities when we make mistakes or things don’t go according to OUR plan. We make choices every day – some are good, some are bad, but there’s no one to blame but ourselves for the outcome. How badly do you want to work for something? How proud of your accomplishments are you? If you scraped and clawed your way to the outcome you wanted, I’m betting you’re pretty proud of yourself, and guess what, YOU SHOULD BE. NEVER be ashamed of your accomplishments – ever. If you worked for it, if you made sacrifices that other people are either too lazy to make or aren’t willing to work for, then damn it, be proud of yourself.


It’s never too late to turn your life around. God loves ALL people – all you have to do is accept his son, Jesus Christ, in your heart and be willing to live a better, and more humble life. That’s it. If you’re not willing to do that, then so be it. It’s your choice. No human condemns you for that choice. God granted human beings with the gift of free will – do with it what you will. But remember: YOU suffer whatever consequences of your choices.


There are two commandments – love God and love your neighbor. These two commands were bought and paid for when Christ died on the cross for us. If you’re not willing to live by those commandments, then that’s your choice.

Do you see how easy this is?

This is the Christian belief. It’s honestly not any more complicated than that. If someone doesn’t choose to live his/her life according to God’s commandments, there will be consequences – maybe not so much in this life, but certainly in the next. If you’re living a homosexual life, then that’s how you choose to live. (Yes – I believe being homosexual is a choice. I think some people are more predisposed to being homosexual, but those people, unfortunately, have to work harder to resist those urges – like people who are predisposed to alcoholism, or drugs – it’s hard, it’s not fair, but it’s life).

Do I personally agree with homosexuality? No. I believe it’s a sin. But do I hate those people who choose to live that life? No. It’s their choice. And guess what – GOD STILL LOVES THEM. And if homosexuals have taken Christ into their heart, believe God raised him from the dead, then they are saved and will live an everlasting life. We are human beings – God loves human beings. He loves ALL human beings, regardless of our choices and/or how we live our lives. Period.

But the more we surround ourselves with various sins, ALL FORMS OF SIN, the harder it is for God to guide us, to speak to us, TO PROTECT US. Sin is our shield against God and the thicker the shield, the harder it is for God to reach us. Satan knows this and uses this human weakness to keep us from a true relationship with God.

And even if we live as close to a sinless life as we can possibly live and bad things STILL happen to us, it’s because we have caught Satan’s attention and he’s doing everything he can to shake our beliefs, to find that weak chink in our armor and make us look bad to other believers / non-believers because if something bad happens and we somehow blame God for that bad thing happening, guess what – Satan wins. That’s the goal.

It puts God in a bad light and begins to shake people’s beliefs – discouragement, disillusionment, disappointment leads to temptation, which leads to more sin, which pushes us further from God’s protection.

We think what we think. We all have opinions – we either agree, or disagree. But the minute we condemn someone for their opinion, for voicing their beliefs in a society that was supposedly built on FREEDOM OF SPEECH, then we’re setting ourselves up for a great fall. Not just spiritually, but as a human race.

This condemnation is the backbone for a dictatorship – of a socialist society where it’s either believe this, or suffer the consequences. A society where one gives up the freedom of will and becomes a robot that is given sets of commands and is punished whenever he/she deviates from the socialist plan.

Is that really how you want to live your life?

So. Listen to all sides of an issue. Evaluate what’s being said. Weigh that against your faith, or whatever creed you might live your life, and dare to disagree, if you must disagree.

And then move on. If it’s a show you disagree with, STOP WATCHING IT. Just because you disagree with a person doesn’t give you the right to treat that person any different – agree to disagree AND MOVE ON.

But the moment we allow the bullies to come and dictate to us what THEY feel is right and wrong and to intimidate us into kow-towing to THEIR way of thinking, that’s when the first brick of our GOD-GIVEN right to be FREE-WILL humans crumbles and falls to the socialist ideals waiting to pounce on us on the other side of that wall.

“Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.” – Rick Warren