Take Responsibility for Your Own Lives, People.

So I heard on a radio home show today …

The couple who sold their house couldn’t figure out why they weren’t getting any of their mail – no catalogs, no glossy magazines, no bills … nothing.

They emailed the radio show host to ask if it was illegal to not forward their mail to them. Didn’t the new owners of their old house know they needed to forward their mail??

They admitted, in their email, that they hadn’t filled out a forwarding address form, but STILL. Don’t the new owners know they have to take it upon themselves to address their mail with their new address? What was WRONG with these people … GAWD.

The radio host, very kindly, explained to the people who wrote the letter, that it wasn’t against the law to throw away catalogs and glossy magazines, but it was absolutely a felony for someone to throw away first-class mail.

I can just imagine the smug looks of satisfaction that crossed the people’s faces of whomever wrote that letter. “See?” They knowingly nudge each other. “Told you!”

However. It wasn’t the responsibility of the new owners to fill out a change of address card for their new address. All the new owners had to do was write “return to sender” or “no such person exists” on the envelope and put it back into their mailbox.

This story absolutely got my blood boiling – IT’S STILL BOILING. I have a tendency to let a lot of things roll off my back and I’m already convinced that a large chunk of people are honest-to-God stupid nowadays, but I have no patience – ZERO – for people who refuse to take responsibility for themselves and/or are too lazy to fill out a freaking change of address card and take care of their own damn business.

Instead, these stupid people spent the time and energy to write a radio talk show host to find out if there were legal ramification to get someone else in trouble for something they should have the brains to do themselves.

This is where we are in America today.

Doesn’t it give you the warm and fuzzies??

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