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Have you ever had something stolen from you?

Well. Sort of. Kevin had his model airplane stolen.

It wasn’t one of those small models you put together from a box; the wing span was the distance between your arms … outstretched. The sucker was huge. Kevin (though he SWEARS it was me and I SWEAR it was him), left our garage door open all night one night. That is a rare occurrence because whenever Kevin goes to bed, he makes the rounds to make sure the garage doors are closed, the house doors are locked, etc. But somehow, this one particular night, he missed his garage door was open on HIS SIDE OF THE GARAGE. (We have two individual doors with separate motors as opposed to one big door with one motor).

Anyway. His model airplane, complete with fancy (and expensive) remote control was hanging on the wall of our garage. It was a bright orange airplane … in other words, eye catching. And it caught someone’s eye that night because they took it. It wasn’t worth that much, though Kevin had put a lot of money into it, but rather, it hurt because Kevin spent HOURS building it and only had a chance to fly it like once (maybe twice).

He was heartbroken.

We never did find out who took the plane and we didn’t feel like it was worth reporting it to the police, but we always suspected our neighbor did it. (Not our current neighbors, the people who lived there before them). He was sort of a shady character and we caught him watching us several times.

People who steal things, suck. You want something? Buy it/build it yourself, lazy bum.

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  1. I’ve never had something stolen from me when there wasn’t a chance (however small) that I just left it somewhere. Curse my horrible memory and freakishly short attention span.

    But I feel so bad for your son! That’s awful! Who steals a giant model airplane? People do suck…

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