Sunday Scribblings

Sunday Scribblings: Eureka!

Eureka! I have discovered that my house will still stand, that it’s not the end of the world, that the universe will not collapse upon itself if I DON’T clean house on the weekend.





Now that I’m working full-time, the only time I have available is on the weekends. And I’ve been spending all of my time on the weekends cleaning house, and I’m starting to resent the hell out of it. So. New plan. I’m going to start cleaning house, a little at a time, after dinners during the weekdays. I won’t feel like it. I’ll be tired. And I will likely moan and complain … but it’s better than not having any time to do what I WANT to do on the weekends.

Also? I need to teach these young men, who are my offspring (I still can’t believe my children are taller than me and on the verge of starting their own lives [with a big little push from us, of course]), to clean house. I keep saying that, I need to start doing it.

Hello reality, meet my sons.

Tell me YOUR Eureka moment.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings: Eureka!”

  1. If they are that big now it may be too late. Just try to get them to clean up their space and deny all responsibility for their stuff left elsewhere in the house which you will of course just throw in their room.

  2. good luck…it’s hard to teach any men let alone young ones about the joys of house cleaning…maybe a good lion tamer should be on your “to call” list…

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