Waiting for His Turn

When I came home from work today, Jazz was gone.

He was playing at the 2012 graduation ceremony with the rest of the band. The class of 2012 had the early slot this year. So that meant that Kevin had to make sure Jazz had on appropriate attire (slacks, dress shirt, tie) and that it didn’t look like something he pulled out of the dirty clothes hamper. (Thank goodness for steamers).

He looked very handsome. I wish I had taken a picture.

Jazz has played at every graduation for the past three years now. He played at Dude’s graduation ceremony last year.

I can’t believe Dude has been out of high school for one year now.

In a lot of ways, it feels longer.

After dinner, Kevin and I went back up to the college to pick Jazz up. (Our high schools use the arena at MSU). I wish I had taken a picture of all the people milling around outside after the ceremony congratulating the class of 2012 and standing awkwardly next to their graduates while having their pictures taken.

It was an impressive sight.

Jazz called Kevin and we spent a few minutes trying to navigate the crowds and find a mutual meeting place.

When he finally spotted us, across the street waiting for him, and I watched him walk through the slow-moving traffic toward us, my first thought was, he looks so handsome in his dress shirt and tie.

And my second thought?

This time next year, HE’LL be the one walking out in a cap and gown and WE’LL be the ones awkwardly posing with him to have our picture taken.

Just one more year, friends, and my BABY will graduate from high school.

It just doesn’t seem possible.