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I Am a Shee-Doo-Ler

This is the back of my name badge …

Work Badge

True story.

My co-worker was checking a patient out the other day and her name badge had flipped over so that you could see her first name, her last initial and scheduler under neath it – like in the picture above.

Patient: “Are you German?”

Co-worker: “Excuse me?”

Patient: “Are you German?” the patient asked again.

My co-worker was stumped. She had no idea why the woman would ask her that question.

Co-worker: “Not that I’m aware of. Why do you ask?”

Patient: “I just wondered how you pronounced your last name. Is it shee-doo-ler?”

It took my co-worker a few seconds before she finally figured out that the patient had thought her last name was Scheduler!!

And my boss, who happened to be walking by at that very moment, tripped and had to run back to her office because she was laughing so hard, she was crying.

I can tell you that we STILL, to this DAY, joke about that. And we’re now known, to everyone in the clinic, as the “shee-doo-lers.”