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Audio Teaching: Understanding the Book of Romans: Righteousness by Faith in Christ

by John Schoenheit
The book of Romans is the great doctrinal treatise that forms the foundation of the Christian faith and clearly sets forth that salvation comes by faith in Jesus Christ. Many people are overburdened by sin because they erroneously think it puts their salvation in doubt. Christians who believe in Christ think that if they commit sin, then God will not allow them to live forever. The New Testament teaches a great message of blessing and hope that when a person has faith in Christ, he or she is righteous in the eyes of God, that is, he or she has “right standing” with God.

To be righteous in God’s sight was the great desire of God’s people in the Old Testament, and Deuteronomy 6:25 says that if the Jews were careful to obey all the Law they would be righteous. Because “righteousness” was so important to the Jews and such a big part of the Old Testament, Romans couches what believers have from God as “righteousness,” instead of the more well-known word, “salvation.” Now, after the death and resurrection of Christ, people are righteous in God’s sight by faith in Christ alone. In this teaching, John Schoenheit covers what “righteousness” is, how it was obtained during Old Testament times, how it is obtained today, how it relates to “salvation,” and why so many Christians ignore the testimony of Romans and seek right standing with God by trying to do good works.

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