We Have a Food Stamp President

I used to listen to talk radio every day, all afternoon, but now that I’m working, I only get a chance to listen to the local morning show while I’m getting ready for work, or Neal Boortz in my car at lunch.

I miss it. And I really miss not being anywhere close to my blog whenever I listen to these programs but I GET FIRED UP about this stuff.

So when I found out that the morning talk show I listen to, Nick Reed in the Morning, published segments of their show to MP3, I got excited – now I can listen AND comment when it was convenient for me!

Press “play” on the player below and listen to the segment and I’ll comment below. Skip ahead to the 11:07 mark to hear him talking about the food stamp issue.

(Click the blue arrow to play)

Can you believe we currently have 45 million folks on food stamps??? One in seven people are on food stamps. WTH??? Sure. There are some folks who really NEED food stamps and I’m glad the program exists for those people, but I’m betting the majority of people on food stamps don’t HAVE to be on food stamps and only are because they can be. In other words, they are taking advantage of our crappy system because WHY NOT??

Our social programs don’t exist to HELP people anymore, they exist to SUPPORT people and in essence, make them SLAVES to the system. How so? Because it makes people dependent on the government. Because once they get sucked into the system and start relying on these programs to live, it’s doubly hard to get off them and let’s face it, most are not even motivated to do so … it’s just so much easier to allow the government to take care of them …

Er, excuse me, not the government, THE REST OF WORKING AMERICA.

Let’s not forget that all-important little factoid there – THE GOVERNMENT CONSISTS OF THE REST OF US WORKING STIFFS TRYING HARD TO MAKE IT ON OUR OWN.

People who abuse the system are leeches.

That’s right, I said it!

This gives us really good insight into the different points of view when it comes to what the role of government is in our lives. Within the bureaucracies, and many on the left, when you have a government program that exists to assist those in need, the more people you have in the program, the more of a success it is in their minds. That’s how they view success. They’ll, at times, even brag about it, that we have managed to reach, to manage to cover, ten percent more people this year, and in their minds, that is a success. It is a success to them that our country is eroding to a point where more and more people are not able, or willing, to go on their own and to have assistance. That is a clear contrast to what it is that the successful, not only in this country but successful in their lives, view as what a success is. I mean, imagine that point of view for a moment … when your view of success is when the more people in your country are failing, therefore need you in order to supplement their income, supplement their pantry, that’s a horrible, horrible way of looking at things.

You know those old black and white movies where you see people in line to get soup? It would be like bragging that you have more people standing in line to get soup. That’s how the government views it when more people get on government programs today.

That’s a pretty sick logic, folks. I think calling President Obama the Food Stamp President is justified.

Don’t you?

That’s what he wants. That’s what the extreme left is all about. Their mission is to trick people into becoming more and more dependent on the government so that more and more people have no choice but to vote for them, and their dependent, social programs.

That’s a form of slavery people.

How, exactly, is that a GOOD thing?

Think about it.

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