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SOC: It’s Been Two Years

New Bike
(This beautiful bike only had 200 miles on it before Kevin’s accident. You can see the damage here).

It’s April 22, 2010 and guess where I am.

Living in the Columbia Hospital in Columbia Missouri.

It’s been two years since Kevin had his motorcycle accident. It’s been two years since Kevin completely shattered his pelvis (a bag o’ glass, the doctors compared it to) and two years later, the person who hit him STILL hasn’t been punished.

Oh sure. She had a slap on the wrist, (community service, fine … blahblahblah), but she hasn’t yet been sentenced for leaving him for dead and driving off with nary a backward glance.

I was angry. I was FURIOUS when it first happened. I honestly think I could have killed this woman who hit my husband and fractured my family. What sort of person hits another human being and doesn’t even stop?? What sort of person hits another human being, head on, and acts like she hit a squirrel and oh well, life happens.

An amoral person, if you ask me.

I have since forgiven her. Yes. I still want her to be punished. Because people need to learn there are consequences for their poor choices, and I sincerely hope they take her license away from her, at least for a while, because I worry she will hurt someone else (this woman has several DUI’s and other traffic violations – she’s clearly a menace) …

But I have forgiven her. I’ve had to. Because life is too short to harbor bitterness and hatred in my heart. Because I will not allow her, or Satan, to hang this incident over my head.

Because despite the severity of the incident, we conquered it and moved on.

Kevin is fine today. He will always have physical scars and he has worked through the emotional trauma of that beautiful April morning in 2010 … we shall live our lives to fullest because life is too precious not to.

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