Record High Temps April 1st 2012

No joke – it got up to 86 degrees today.

And it’s April 1st.

Actually. I don’t know if we broke a record, but we have to be close.

Temperature April 1, 2012

It’s WEIRD seeing people running around in shorts and flip-flops, including me! (Plus all that blinding white skin. ha!)

I want to record this so WHEN it happens again (and it will, not because of Global Warming but because weather is cyclical), I can say to all of the people who start freaking out about the “strange” weather …

“Look. We had equally warm temperatures in 2012.”

It’s gonna happen. And I’ll be ready.

Kevin and Dude mowed the grass today. Dude is getting better at it. I wish the boy would get a job. Then I could breathe easier. I’m also convinced that it will help bring him out of his shell … he needs to get out around people. Sure. There’s the school thing, but a JOB will make all the difference in the world, I think.

Jazz had some buddies over yesterday. It’s nice that he has so many friends.

Our boys are polar opposites. It’s exhausting sometimes.

I didn’t even know Easter was next weekend until my MIL called Kevin today. I’m so out of it.

Kevin told me I need to start wearing more form-fitting t-shirts. He’s right. My t-shirts ARE big. I think I need to start buying medium-sized t-shirts instead of large. And not because he’s “telling” me to, but because I agree with him.

Worrying about my t-shirt size – my problems are small. I’ll take ’em.

I WILL work out tonight. The stomach rolls are getting out of hand. Plus. I sit. All day. It feels good to walk and MOVE, for a change.

I bought false eyelashes today. And liquid eyeliner so I can make cat eyes. (I think I’m going through a mid-life crisis, quite honestly).

Kevin thinks I’m nuts, but when I wondered out loud when in the world I would have a chance to try out the lashes, he said, “We’ll have a date night.”

I can’t wait.

I’ll take pictures.

Kevin cooked hamburgers on the grill. (Perfect day for grilling, I must say). And it’s time to eat.