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Self-Imposed Stress!/writefromkaren/status/124273464084410368!/writefromkaren/status/124273626034872320

Holy freaking cow – what a stressful day.

And I can’t even blame it on the job because it was me – ALL ME.

I ended up taking lunch at 3:00 this afternoon. I scarfed down a bowl of chili (it was chili day today) before heading back to my desk 20 minutes later.

I now have a stress headache and will likely have to take some Excedrin to stay ahead of the nausea.

But if you think the stress I experienced today has soured me on my new job, YOU’RE WRONG. I still love it. It’s exciting and insanely busy. Today was pretty stressful, but I learned a valuable lesson on what NOT to do next time.

I may be new, but I catch on fast.

(How’s THAT for vague?? HA!)