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Audio Teaching: Mature In Christ

by Dan Gallagher
In the first-century Church, God reproved His people for remaining “babes,” not moving past the elementary teachings of Christ (Heb. 5: 12). Is it possible that one of the reasons we today do not see more of God’s power demonstrated is that many of God’s people are guilty of the same thing? What does it mean to be “mature in Christ”? In this teaching, Dan Gallagher shows that God not only wants His people to be saved, but desires them to grow up to spiritual adulthood. You will learn about two characteristics of spiritual maturity, fruitfulness and discernment, and see the role sound doctrine plays in each. This teaching identifies the two primary reasons we do not see more maturity in the Church today. It will not only challenge you, but will also do much to encourage and exhort you in your pursuit of spiritual maturity.

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