Biding Time …

Actually, I’m not. Time is definitely not something I have a lot of nowadays.

Right now, right this very minute, I’m sitting here waiting for my in-laws to show up at our house. We’re getting ready to drive to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for the second of four out-of-town marching band competitions. We went to Tulsa last weekend and I still need to write about that one. And I will. As soon as I catch my breath.

I’m a little worried about the weather. If you read this any time soon, check out radar – see that wicked looking line of storms right smack dab in the middle of the country? Yeah – we’ll be under that tonight if it stays on its current course. HOPEFULLY the rain will hold off until our kids can perform. It would be a BUMMER to travel all the way there only for them to be rained out and have to come home without strutting their stuff.

And their stuff is worth strutting, let me tell ya.

I promise I’ll write more about the competitions soon. I also have some pictures to show you. I plan on sleeping, catching up on household chores and blogging a bit tomorrow. Kevin and I went grocery shopping last night so if all goes according to plan, we won’t even have to leave the house at all tomorrow.

I need the down time.

Work has been great. I’m not just saying that. I LOVE what I do and I REALLY like the gals I work with. We’re all gelling and I feel like I fit in. Even though I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing most of the time, the pieces of the puzzle are finally starting to fall into place – I learn a little bit more with each patient I help.

I also promise to write more about my job, or as much as I CAN write about, but suffice it to say, it keeps me super busy and I’m so focused all day long that by the time I go home, my mental coffers are completely empty.

I mentioned I wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo next month? Yeah. About that. I honestly don’t think it’s going to happen. Not only do I NOT have any energy left over when I get off work, one of the gals I work with is planning on taking a vacation around Thanksgiving, which means me and the three OTHER girls I work with will be picking up the slack and OMG, it’s busy enough with four girls, it’s going to be INSANE with just three.

And did I mention I’m still maintaining nine school websites? That means I come home to a MINIMUM of 15 emails every night that need to be taken care of.

At any rate. I’m alive. I’m well. And I’m having more fun than I’ve had in quite some time. I honestly love being busy and I’ll get a handle on this new pace soon.

Right now? I’m treading water and wearing nothing but a huge grin on my face.

How’s that for a visual?