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Holy freaking cow – what a stressful day.

And I can’t even blame it on the job because it was me – ALL ME.

I ended up taking lunch at 3:00 this afternoon. I scarfed down a bowl of chili (it was chili day today) before heading back to my desk 20 minutes later.

I now have a stress headache and will likely have to take some Excedrin to stay ahead of the nausea.

But if you think the stress I experienced today has soured me on my new job, YOU’RE WRONG. I still love it. It’s exciting and insanely busy. Today was pretty stressful, but I learned a valuable lesson on what NOT to do next time.

I may be new, but I catch on fast.

(How’s THAT for vague?? HA!)

Abundant Life

Audio Teaching: The Transformed Life

by John Schoenheit
Each of us knows what it is to decide to do something but then not have the will power to do it. The Bible makes a distinction between the “mind” and the “heart,” and when the two are conflicted, the heart wins. Therefore, if we are going to live godly and powerful Christian lives, the key is having a pure heart. The only way to transform the heart is to renew the mind, for the mind is the gateway to the heart.

This teaching discusses the importance of transforming the heart by renewing the mind, which is to bring one’s thoughts up to a new level of godliness.

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