Eighteen Years Ago, We Put a Crib Together

I remember this. We were so excited to be putting the nursery together for our first born.

(Forgive my insanely high hair – for some reason, I felt I needed to wear it that high. You wouldn’t believe how much Rave hairspray I went through on a weekly basis. But then again, if you’re a a product of the 80’s, maybe you would).

We still have that crib, it’s up in our attic. Whenever Kevin cleans the attic out, he always suggests we get rid of the crib and I always tell him, in no uncertain terms, that we will NOT be getting rid of that crib – ever. I want to use it for our grandchildren.

Some day. No hurry.

Our firstborn will be 18 in a few short weeks.

I’m not sure how that is possible, considering THIS just happened a few weeks ago.

ADDED: Wait. Kevin just told me that this kind of crib is now illegal because children can get caught between the mattress and the slats.


Maybe we WON’T be using this for our grandchildren. *sad face*