Democrats’ (Not So) Greatest Hits

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One more week, folks.


Get out and vote November 2nd. Tell your friends, tell your families … this country needs to get back to core values and away from this crazy administration.

Did you hear that we, the people, AMERICANS, are now considered enemies of this administration?

How is that helpful, Mr. President? How is making offensive statements making our country stronger? How is suggesting that conservatives need to sit at the back of the bus and that we, the enemies, need to be punished helping those poll numbers? (Did you see Obama’s approval rating has dropped to 37%? Ouch). Those kinds of statements are what thugs say, not what the president of the United States of America says.

Nothing like preaching to our kids about the dangers of bullying and in the very next breath talk about punishing American people who dare to criticize and/or disagree with your crazy agenda.

The hypocrisy is absolutely mind blowing.


{this moment}

Waiting to Paint

Kevin is trimming the bathroom; I’m waiting to go in and use the roller on the rest of the walls.

We’re quite the painting team.

UPDATE: The color is supposed to look like hot cocoa. In a word? No. We’ll see what it looks like after it dries but right now? It’s not looking very promising – may have to paint it a lighter color, which means primer and more work. *sigh*

UPDATE 2: Yep. It’s official. We hate it. It looks like a pack (?) of monkeys went wild and had a poo party in our bathroom. We’re heading back to Lowe’s after we pick up the kids to pick a more khaki color. Grr.

UPDATE 3: Okay. We went back to Lowe’s and bought a wheat-colored paint. We’re applying it now and we’re laughing our fool heads off because it looks YELLOW. As in HELLO! I’M YELLOW! Let’s hope it dries darker, a lot darker.

UPDATE 4: So it’s painted … and I think we’re going to like it. We still need to see what it looks like tomorrow but initial impressions? Doable.

UPDATE 5: The wrinkles in my neck are very attractive.