Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Mad Hornets

You can’t see them, but there were about six hornets trying to find their nest near those rocks. They couldn’t find it because Kevin filled the hole in with caulk and well, they were angry … as angry as hornets.


Silly hornets, don’t mess with the humans.

And in case you’re curious, Kevin is sanding our bench, that we keep on the front porch, next to the hornet’s nest, that is now filled with caulk.

Our lives are very complicated.

ADDED: Those pesky hornets found another way into their hive. Kevin again sealed it with caulk and then proceeded to grab the fly swatter and kill about twenty that were swarming around it looking for the opening. There must be a pretty good-sized nest behind those rocks. I shudder to think of just HOW many hornets are scrambling to get out behind those rocks.

Also? We’ve found two hornets in the house. So, they’re either flying into the house as Kevin swats at them, or, they’re panicking because they can’t escape their hive and are finding a way into the house through the walls. Either way …. EEEEEKKK!

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