Coffee Chat: March 2010

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Thank you to everyone who visited and played!! I really enjoyed reading your answers! We’ll do this again in June!

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Ready for the questions?

Question #1:What’s something your parents used to say to you as a child that you promised yourself you’d never say — but now catch yourself saying all the time?

Question #2: What was the most recent compliment you received and savored?

Question #3 When you need to confront someone, would you rather communicate in person, on the phone, by email, or by letter? Why?

Question #4: As a kid, what did you want to grow up to be?

Question #5: If you were able to retrieve only one item on the way out of your burning home, what would it be? Explain. (Please assume that all humans and pets are safe).

Question #6: How important is it to set personal goals?

Question #7: What’s the most serious illness or injury you have ever faced?

LAST Question: What’s your most prized or sentimental possession? Explain.

My answer: I can’t say my husband – I don’t own him. I can’t say my children – I don’t own them. And I try not to get attached to material things, but I have to say, I’m pretty attached to my wedding ring. And it’s not just the monetary value, it’s a physical reminder of my married life. It’s been a GOOD married life, and it’s not over yet.

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245 thoughts on “Coffee Chat: March 2010”

  1. My most prized possession is a porcelain unicorn my fiance gave to me for my birthday because it means a lot to me.

  2. My most sentimental possession is the locket I had made after my son dies. It has his name and the Celtic heart know I put on his gravestone and inside it holds his picture and a lock of his hair. It is all I have left of him, it would crush my soul to lose it.

  3. I like my house, my husband and I built it ourselves. We worked so hard on it for 2 years.

  4. My cats? Well, they own me, I guess. πŸ˜‰

    I’d have to say.. the diamond earrings my friends gave me after I gave birth to their son (surrogacy). πŸ™‚

    Thank you!!

  5. Probably my great-great-grandfather’s Civil War medal. It was out of the family for YEARS, and I found it on eBay. Can you believe it? It’s framed with a picture of him beside it.

  6. Oh that’s a hard one & a sad one for me. Both of my parents have died and so I have several items of theirs that I possess and treasure terribly. One would be my mother’s wedding ring. Another would be a shadowbox my parents had made for me that contained my clothes I wore home from the hospital when I was born. It’s the only gift I’ve ever gotten that I actually cried at. Thanks,

  7. The one material thing that I would say is my computer. It helps me keep in contact with friends and family whom live out of state.

  8. My most prized possesion is my grandmothers Hoosier cabinet with its etched glass windows. It is over 75 years old and stands proudly in my kitchen. I can still see her rolling her pie crust on the porcelain pull out.

  9. What’s your most prized or sentimental possession? Explain.
    I would say anything from my daughter who we lost. How can you replace anything that reminds me of her? One of my favorites is a painting she painted for me of a horse on the beach when she was 16. The other thing is her Donald Duck from when she was a little girl, her wedding dress, her pictures, anything that brings back memories of her.

  10. I’ve fallen out of the habit of wearing my wedding ring, mainly because of my lifestyle. I’ve already lost one stone out of a ring in the barn, to never be found again.

    However, with that said, it’s a toss up between my critters (all gazillion of them). Ok, nope. Just my critters. Everything else is replaceable. Lives are not.

  11. My most prized possession is my Mustang Convertible…now I know it’s a car but I have wanted one since high school (20 years ago) and it’s orange, my fave color! I just feel very hopeful when I am driving it with the top down, my fave chihuahua sitting on my lap enjoying the breeze….I would consider something my kids have given me more important but they haven’t really done anything special like that yet….

  12. a quilt my daughter made me in home economics at school for mothers day last year it is gorgeous with the red and green colors and it was made by her hands which makes it so precious.i will treasue until my dying day πŸ™‚

  13. My most precious, treasured item is my photo collection. So many memories are stored there, and there are memories of before my time, even. I love that scanners are helping to make these memories digital and therefore more permanent (since they can be saved remotely).

  14. Aside from my wedding ring, I have a red felt Christmas stocking that my mother made for me when I was a baby. It has hand-sewn sequins and my name embroidered, so it’s pretty special to me, especially now that my mother has passed on.

  15. A photo album with my baby pictures. It’s the only thing I have left of my parents, since they passed away many years ago.

  16. When I was a baby, my uncle was a merchant marine. My mom sent him my picture and, while he was in Japan, he had a portrait of me painted from the picture, and framed. He sent it to my grandmother. As I grew up, I was especially close to my grandmother and to this uncle. Both of them have passed away and I have the portrait. It is my most precious possession as it ties the three of us together.

  17. anything and everything my true love has given me, I’m a sentimental person in general but things from him mean the most to me and he’s very thoughtful

  18. My most prized possession is my wedding ring as well because it’s a symbol of our love, our 10 years together and our looking ahed to the future with God at the helm.

  19. For me, my most prized and sentimental possession is my wedding album, because I get to share it with my kids so they can see the happy time our families had together.

  20. I have a snapshot of myself standing on a chair in my grandmother’s kitchen learning to make hand made pasta with her. It’s priceless!

  21. My most prized possesion is my wedding ring. It’s not a huge diamond but I’ve been married for 21 years so it represents our commitment to each other.

  22. My most prized and sentimental possession is my wedding ring. It was passed down to me from my grandmother to my mother to me. I plan on passing it on down to my daughter.

  23. My most prized posession would be my French horn. Or my collection of hymnals, dating back to the early 1900’s. Or my pump organ, also dating back to early 1900’s. See a theme here?

    The French horn was my high school graduation gift. I had the choice of taking a 3 week tour of Europe with a group of high schoolers, giving concerts along the way, or own a French horn. I chose my own horn because I could make music for the rest of my life, or make music for 3 weeks and rely on memories for the rest of my life. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    My collection of hymnals comes mostly from my two grandmothers, but I’ve added to it with a few of my own. I love them because they represent a family history of faith.

    And then the organ is one that my great-aunt owned. It came to my family and sat in the garage for years because there was no other place to put it. I always wanted to clean it up and “rescue” it. A couple of years ago, it came to me. It is now inside! I hope to restore it one day. It’ll take a lot more time and money than I have right now, but the hope is there. Even if it never works again, it is still a beautiful piece and another important bit of family history.

  24. Answer to last question: My most prized possession is a painting a friend of the family gave me years ago. She painted it herself, and when I saw it hanging on the wall of her apartment, I told her how wonderful I thought it was. She was so generous she took it off her wall and handed it to me. I’ve moved around with that painting from one continent to another, through 3 states, and I hope to one day pass it on to my daughter.

  25. My prize possession would be a really old copy of the book Lorna Donne. It was given to me by my Grandma as a young girl when I loved the booked which is where the sentimental value comes in, and I just love it!

  26. diabetes I would have to say, mo one knows how it is unless you deal with this on a daily basis

  27. I guess my most prized legal possession (since you can’t own people), would be my dog. I snuck out and got him my during senior year of high school, so he’s been with me through everything.

  28. I guess I can’t say my cat, husband or kids, so a material possession is my Amish quilt (Country Bride pattern). It’s still so lovely after almost 30 years on my bed.

  29. My most prized possessions are the love letters my husband writes me. I keep everyone.

  30. When I was 3 years old, I had eye surgery for a conenital cataract
    When they began the surgery, they had no idea what they were looking for. The “good” news was that I am almost legally blind in that eye. The “bad” news would have been losing the eye completely.
    allmycrazycats @

  31. I screwed up my knee so bad when I was 14 that I had to have reconstructive knee surgery!
    HobartsMama {AT}

  32. My RA has had the greatest impact on my life. A friend asked me: What’s the best thing about it? I told her that swimming was the best thing since I’d stopped doing it many years ago and that I really love it now.

  33. I broke my arm when I was 7. I think it was worse for my mother than it was for me. Thanks.

  34. I was a passenger in a limo that wrecked into the back of a truck in Houston. It was very traumatic. Who ever thinks of wearing a seatbelt in a limo?

  35. My most serious illness was a POTENTIAL illness. I’ve had many breast biopsies because I have two different types of abnormal cells in my breast. So far none have been cancerous, but each time I’m biopsied it scares me waiting for the results. Thanks.

  36. I once had the flu and it went untreated for days because I kept (stupidly) insisting I was alright — by the time I was finally taken to the emergency room I had a temperature of 107. Pretty sure I killed a few brain cells with my idiocy!

  37. I recently had a cavity, but didn’t know it was even there until it was too late (it was in between teeth on the side, and you literally could not see it). Man, oh man, oh man, oh man…NOTHING worked to subside the pain, although I found a home remedy of rinsing with baking soda and water that would work for about 15 seconds. That was an amazing 15 seconds and I kept repeating the process until I could get in to get a root canal. It’s amazing how much hurt a little tooth will give you. I couldn’t sleep, eat, enjoy anything. It was miserable. And then the price of getting the root canal was miserable too.

  38. The worst injury/illness I had was a couple months ago when I had a gallstone attack. I’ve heard that childbirth is the only worse pain.

  39. My most worst injury I received was that I got my hand caught in a woodsplitter. My pointer finger on my left finger split open like a book. I could see the bone and had skin piled up on both sides of the wound. I shattered all the bones in my pointer finger and chipped a bone in my thumb. BUT – I was blessed by this because if this happened to my right hand – it would have been severed off due to the press and the wedge. I am all good now – have a wicked scar too!!!!

  40. I guess the worst was crushing my thumb when a mirror fell on my hand as a kid. It came almost completely off, and it left me with an inch shorter thumb and some serious scarring.

  41. I tripped on the carpet at work – the building had just been renovated. I had a mug of coffee in my hand, so instead of using my hands to break my fall, I made sure the coffee didn’t spill. I hurt my one knee pretty bad, but since nothing was broken, I had to wait a week and a half for an appointment. They said wait ten days and see how it is. After ten days they wanted me to wait some more. I told them that I was in pain and wanted to do something now. Finally got permission to see an orthopedic guy, but when I went to pick up the referral, the doctors office was closed, and they hadn’t bothered to call me, even though they knew I was coming. Gotta love those HMOs that require primary physician and referrals. Finally saw the orthopedic guy – I had a torn medial meniscus. He gave me a knee sleeve to wear (ah – no more pain!) and had me in physical therapy 3x a week for a month. My knee did improve.
    But what I learned is that if I have a problem, most likely it will be cured or I will be dead in the week I have to wait for an appointment!

  42. It’s a toss up between the concussion I received at 19 in which my head shattered the rear windshield of a hatchback (I WAS wearing a seatbelt! I’m tall) or Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (pre-eclampsia) which had me hospitalized for 4 months. I think the PIH wins. But, the concussion still has lasting effects.

  43. Question #7
    My most serious illness was in 1999 when I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. It is notorious for spreading to the bones. Thank God that I had surgery and can now say after 11 years that I am cancer free.

  44. I’ve been incredibly lucky with my health. I’ve only been hospitalized for the births of my children.

  45. Question #7: What’s the most serious illness or injury you have ever faced?

    Answer: When I worked construction right out of high school, we were redoing a elevator shaft at a local college. Long story short, the company that removed the old elevator, never capped the hydraulic shaft at the bottom of the elevator shaft (old elevators had a hydraulic rod that went as far into the ground as the elevator went up), some mistakes were made, and I fell 5 stories down this tube that was my size almost exactly into 15 feet of hydraulic fluid. As I went down, the cast iron gave me severe road rash up and down my arms and I had massive bruising on my elbow areas from where my arms hit the side of the tube as I fell. I propped myself up in this oil for 45 minutes while I waited for the Fire Department Police and Paramedics to get there and figure out a way to get me out. The whole time I had this oil seeping into my freshly road rashed arms, it was in my eyes from when I went under the oil, and it was in my mouth my lungs and stomache. It sucked. But, I got out with no life threatening injuries and I am here to tell the tale. Thats about it!


  46. 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Thanks to modern medicine I am able to do most things. I swim 3x a week in a heated pool and try to eat good things. Thanks for the contest.

  47. When I was 2, a very heavy chair fell on me and I had to go to the hospital and get stitches on my forehead.

  48. I had some problems that mimicked MS and I couldn’t move without pain, heck I couldn’t even sit or lie in bed without pain. Tests showed negative for MS, and after YEARS I found a doctor who knew what was wrong. Hormones out of whack, a couple pills a day and I’m fine! πŸ™‚ Doctors honestly thought I was going to die back in the day.

  49. My most serious injury that I can remember was fracturing my foot. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning because nature was calling me. However, I didn’t realized my foot was asleep and completely numb. So, when I got out of bed I collapsed and fractured my foot. I had to slide downstairs on my butt to answer natures calling and the next day I had to get my foot in a cast (a big purple one).

  50. most serious illness was being born with hole in heart and had to have open heart surgery to repair it when i was 4 years old. still have huge scar from front to back and up to neck.

    for an injury , i am short and was jumping up on kitchen counter and the door swung open and i split my head open. had to go get stitches.

  51. Answer to Question #7:

    Hmmm….I think it’s a tie. When I was in college I contracted mono and hepatitis. I was in bed for a month. The other emergency I had was a gangrenous appendix just 10 days after my first c-section. I had to go back into the hospital for 4 days to have an appendectomy. The worst part was leaving my newborn son at home!

  52. Question #5. Goals are important, as long as you are the kind of person that will actually do something to acheive those goals. For me, they’re like a bad omen. They hang over my head like an extra long to do list and stress me out.

  53. Question #4. I wanted to be a veterinarian. I worked in an animal hospital for 3 years while I was in high school and went to college with the full intention of going on to vet school. I majored in chemistry, and the more classes I took, the more I realized that I didn’t really want to go to vet school after all. I found my true love in analytical chemistry.

    And now, I’m a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t even use her degree. Sometimes I miss working in a lab (ok, a lot of times), but I wouldn’t trade the time with my family for anything!

  54. Wow, I’m behind on answering questions! But we’ve been dealing with serious injuries here at the house. Fitting, since that’s the topic of today’s question.

    So, for today’s question, the most serious illness/injury I’ve had? I can think of two that are about equal in severity and a third that comes close. When I was in 4th grade, I broke my leg. Both bones broke completely just above my ankle. It was a bike accident – My foot slipped off the pedal and slammed into the road. The worst part about this was that the bones slipped past each other as they were growing back and I had to have surgery to fix it.

    The second is an illness. The second week of classes my second semester of my second year of college. I came down with a viral infection that settled in my lungs. I had bronchitis and pleurisy (where the lining of the lung does not move with the motion of the lung – it causes major pain every breath). I spent a week in bed. My bed was about 5 steps to the bedroom door and the bathroom was another 3 steps away, and I had to crawl because I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk that distance. My problem with this was that I went back to class too soon, and spent the rest of the semester feeling miserable and having breathing issues. If I had spent another week out of class, I might have been ok. But I was taking extremely hard classes and didn’t want to get any further behind. In two of the classes, I never caught up – thank goodness for summer school!

  55. I think my most serious illness was a flu I had over 10 years ago. It lasted about a week and I could barely move because I had crippling vertigo. Also weird hallucinations!

  56. I am very lucky to have never had any serious illness or injury. I guess the most painful thing was when my sister accidently slammed my thumb in the car door when we were kids. It bled under the nail which created a lot of painful pressure and the nail had to be taken off by the doctor. I think I’m pretty lucky.

  57. It is an ongoing thing- I lose up to, sometimes more than half my blood and can’t keep anything down and they haven’t figured out why/where it’s going.

  58. Setting personal goals is just an additional motivater to actually move forward in life. It helps me track my progress and encourages me to keep striving for more.

  59. I find goals motivate me tons! And if i dont have them I am more prone to slacking. But short term goals are as important as long term ones.

  60. I do not set personal goals at all. I am happy with my life and I just want to enjoy the time I have. I am a responsible person but as far as goals I try to steer clear and just see how life unfolds.

  61. Setting goals help you translate your dreams and fantasies into your future realities.

  62. I would feel lost without personal goals. I am a goal oriented person, always need something to shoot for πŸ™‚

  63. Setting personal goals is sooooooo important, but it’s also so hard to do. If I set more goals, I think I’d get a lot more done.

  64. I set personal goals, but I don’t always follow through. I am proud of myself when I do, though.

  65. I find personal goals important–otherwise, I just keep on doing the same ol’ same ol’.

  66. Not very. I like to be flexible and see what comes up. I give myself credit for being a hard worker and doing my best regardless of where it takes me.

  67. Question #6: For me, setting goals is very important. Without goals, I tend to wander aimlessly. Even when I have goals, I wander sometimes. I need to have big goals (finish your PhD, Linden!) and small, daily goals (Grade Discussion Board posts for 45 minutes today). Having goals actually makes me feel alive, like I have a purpose and I know where I am going on this adventure called Life.

  68. For me, it is very important. Goals help me focus and stay motivated. It also improves my self-esteem when I accomplish one of them.

  69. To quote Lolcats, “Goalz, I haz dem”.

    Without goals, I tend to be aimless and depressed. I once accomplished every goal I had set for myself by the time I turned 30. I didn’t have any goals for another 2 1/2 years. And those were some of the most miserable years of my life. So for me, goals are very important in order to stay healthy, happy and emotionally balanced.

  70. I set goals all the time so for my life it is pretty important. It helps me to stay focused on what I want to achieve.

  71. I don’t believe in personal goals. I believe that our talents direct us to appropriate studies and jobs.

  72. I think it depends on the person – setting goals. I think that setting goals give you a clear vision of what you want to acheive and the steps to take to get there. It hink its very important.

    Some people feel they’re too restrictive and have found success and contentment without it.

  73. It’s very important to me to set personal goals.

    πŸ™‚ Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! πŸ™‚

  74. I like to set personal goals, but they are only effective when I also say them outloud to someone else. They work very well for me when it is more of a challenge that I am accountable for. πŸ™‚


  76. Answer to question #6: It’s really important to set personal goals, whether short-term or long-term, so that you know what exactly you’re working towards. We need goals and benchmarks to keep us on track.

  77. How important is it to set personal goals? I would say it’s the most important thing you can do on a daily basis besides being a good and loving person. You need to have a goal, even if it’s small, you need something to aim for, or what good is all this work we do every day!

  78. Probably my great-great-grandfather’s Civil War Medal. I have most of my photos on a photo site now so those are replacable.

  79. I want my wedding album. It was the start of my wonderful marriage, we have been married 23 years and I hope there are many more years ahead.

  80. the thumb drive I keep all my digital files on, especially all the pictures of the kids from birth. It also has all my insurance info, etc…

  81. I would probably be practical and not very willing to risk myself much. So, I’d probably grab my purse and the family coats which are right next to the door. If that door was inaccessible to me for some reason because of the fire, I’d probably grab the plastic cupboard thing that holds some of my horse tack and farm animal wound care stuff which is near another door. In this, I would be practical. But, for the most part, as long as my family and my critters are safe, I’m good to go.

  82. I would grab this necklace of mine…it was a gift from my great grandfather and I couldn’t imagine leaving it behind.

  83. It would be the quilt on my bed. I bought it when we first married, in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and it cost a small fortune back then. It is completely hand-stitched, and it is the Country Bride pattern. It has been on my bed for 27+ years. I adore it.

  84. Answer to question #5: I think I would have to get my husband to help me lift up the safe and run out of the burning house with it.

  85. We are in the process of scanning all of our old photos onto memory cards, and we have boxes of them. So I would grab the memory cards and the computer hard drive, since it would be impossible to get all the boxes!

  86. I wanted to be an English professor. I went to a camp that stressed creative writing and I totally loved the man who was director and he had his PhD in English and I couldn’t think of anything cooler! πŸ™‚

  87. I wanted to grow up to be a fairy princess. Then I realized there are not a lot of job openings for fairy princess-so I changed to nurse. Then I found out that nurses have to deal with sick people! So I became a bookseller.

  88. I wanted to be a vet. I’m not a vet, but I do volunteer with a local rescue group. I love it.

  89. A farmer- I am one now

    A veterinarian- I worked for one

    A truck driver (because back then, girls just didn’t)- I dispatched for a trucking company

    A secretary- I did that for a bit and discovered I hated cubicle life

    An artist- I haven’t put pencil to paper since sustaining a serious head injury

    A writer- something I’m still aspiring to

    A dog trainer- Yup! Accomplished this one!

    A horse trainer- Accomplished this one too!

    A jockey- I was too tall by the time I was 16 😦

  90. I wanted to be a psychiatrist. I was talked out of pursuing that so I didnt do it.

  91. Man, what didn’t I want to be? I think I changed my mind like every week, but I quite vividly remember wanting to be a fashion designer after watching Don’t Tell Mom, The Baby Sitter’s Dead. πŸ˜›

  92. I wanted to be a teacher. I had such great teachers growing up and they were so important to my growth, so I wanted to be that person for others.

  93. Question #4: As a kid, what did you want to grow up to be?

    Don’t laugh….a jockey. I must have really been dreaming!

  94. Email or letter. I express myself best in writing (part of why I started blogging). I’m very non-confrontational, so if I’m talking in person, I tend to leave out a lot of what I want to say. Writing it down gives me the opportunity to say everything that needs to be said, make sure I’m getting my point across without being rude, and make sure it’s coherent. I like to use the email/letter as a way to start a conversation about the issue, with face-to-face discussion coming if the email doesn’t resolve things immediately.

  95. Guess it depends on who I’m confronting, but any of them work for me.

  96. I’d rather by e-mail because I can think through my thoughts better. I’ve actually written what I wanted to say and read it when I’ve had to do it over the phone before!

  97. I would rather write down my feelings then do as they say… don’t send it right away and if I still feel the same way.. send it. Or reread it and then go talk to them. Thanks!

  98. I would say in person. As uncomfortable as it may be, if something is worth being confrontational about, then I have no qualms about being face to face.

  99. Email or letter- I don’t have to worry about censoring my mouth and letting the wrong thing fly out. πŸ˜‰

  100. I would say in person but then the person would hate me forever – I can be much more diplomatic in an email! πŸ™‚

  101. In the past I would have said up front and personal face to face but really email or letter is actually better because the person recieving it has time to go over it a few times before addressing the problem/problems.

    The person writing the letter has time to let the letter sit and make sure all thier points are valid.

    How many times have we forgotten what was actually said?

  102. Definitely in person – I think being able to see each other, our expressions and mannerisms is important so that meaning doesn’t get lost and it shows you are willing to take the time to sit with them and make the conversation important.


  104. Someone recently told me my jewelry was beautiful. It meant a lot to me because I just started my own jewelry company and I was really worried about feedback from my friends.
    nik_har at yahoo dot com
    (there is an underscore between “nik” & “har”)

  105. Last month (February), my coworkers voted me Employee of the Month and then my boss sent me an email saying “You are a great employee!”.

    It made me feel very special! I work with some terrific peeps.

  106. My most recent compliment was from my boss and it was about my annual review. I am so happy I have this job and my boss appreciates the work I do. Thanks for the giveaway.

  107. I got a lot of compliments on the shirt I wore today, but I didn’t really savor them – all I did was iron some rhinestones onto a tee. It wasn’t anything intensive.

    The other day, a friend thanked me for praying for her and said that my prayers always work. It was so nice to hear that! It was also a great reminder that insignificant me can have a difference in someone’s life.

    I always savor the moments when strangers compliment me on how well behaved my children are. It’s so nice to hear, and I can go back to those memories when my children are being , um, less than well behaved.

  108. The most recent would have to be that I look like I am 16 although I am 24 lol I really like these comments because I feel like when I am much older, I will probably look 10 to 15 years younger so getting these compliments now makes me feel so young.

  109. The most recent compliment I received and savored was a bit indirect, but I’m sure taking it as a compliment. My 16 year old daughter took a practice ACT test 2 weeks ago, and went to the review session today. When they came to her writing/essay section, they said she wrote so well and so correctly that she should be an editor! Since I edit, and have been working with her since she was little for correct grammer, spelling, punctuation, and excellent vocabulary – I’m taking this as a very high compliment (to both of us!!)

  110. The most recent compliment was for something I painted and I savored it because I am just getting back into my art and creative outlets after a LONG break with young kids.

  111. That I have a really nice place here. It means a lot as my farm needs a lot of work to my eyes.

  112. Question #2: @sarahjoaustin said, in reference to the meaning of my name, Linden, that I have a verdant grace about my personality (because I’m not physically graceful!). It was really nice and unexpected.

  113. A man came up to me at church yesterday at a funeral where I play piano and complimented me on my playing.

  114. That there was no way I was old enough to be Dev’s mom (Dev is 16 and my youngest, my oldest is 26) shallow, I know, but there you have it. πŸ˜‰

  115. I was complimented on being a good listener and helping someone. That made me feel good because very few people take the time to listen to others and it is very important

  116. I was told that I encourage people. I loved hearing that because we never know if we have a positive effect on people.

  117. I got a hair cut and a few people complimented it, which I really enjoyed because I wasn’t even sure I liked it.

  118. I’m a music teacher. Whenever a parent tells me how much her child loves what I taught him/her, I am very happy! Oftentimes the students are too shy to say anything.

  119. Answer to Question #2: The last compliment I received was about how beautiful my children are. I always enjoy hearing that.

  120. My mom used to say “wish in one and and $hit in the other”. I always thought is was stupid but I find myself saying it to my oldest son from time to time.

  121. My parents used to say “I guarantee…” and then complete the sentence with whatever they guaranteed me with and I absolutely hated that. Now, I hear myself saying it and I can’t stop it lol. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  122. If I said I’m done, my mom would say, cakes get done, people get finished. It drove me nuts and now I find myself saying it. The kids now say I’m a cake when they are finished with something and everyone breaks out into fits of giggles.

  123. A big one lately is “I’ll give you something to do!” when he complains he’s bored – that being to clean his room. My dad did that all the time and ugh I hated it. lol

  124. Fixin’ Yes, like I am fixin’ to the dishes! Horrible! Just hate it. Mom’s family grew up in Middle Tennessee, her father only finished the second grade and her mom went through the sixth. I have lost alot of things Mom said, but I am not fixin’ to give this one up any time soon no matter how hard I try.

  125. My answer matches yours. And for a long time, I avoided saying, “Because I said so” because, I have always felt it didn’t teach kids anything. Sometimes they just want to understand reasoning and if they understand reasoning, they’re learning. I avoided saying this with Kitty, my oldest. I’ve still never said it to her. But Dude, my youngest, is a different story. He has ADHD so there are a lot of times he doesn’t grasp some of the social niceties. He can’t tell when anyone is getting irritated or he’s pushing too much. So, there are times I’ve snapped and said, “Because I said so!”

  126. I’ve been subscribed for a long, long time. But, you already know that. πŸ™‚

  127. I don’t tweet, but I come here to follow your tweets. Does that count?

  128. When you have your own kids, you’ll understand! (like why it’s such a big deal when they don’t call when they’ll be late, for example)

  129. I used to roll my eyes whenever my grandmother would say, “A penny saved is a penny earned!” but now I’m just as frugal as she used to be!

  130. I say, “Samantha (or Bradford, or Vivien), can you please just try to be quiet for five minutes?!!!” I was a chatterbox, and my mom used to tell me to be quiet all the time, and I resented it, but now I say the same thing to my kids.
    Alicia Webster

  131. “You get what you get and don’t throw a fit” I hated that and now I am saying it. And my kids seem to hate it just as much because when I start saying it they finish.

  132. Whenever I wanted to be/act older, my parents used to tell me I didn’t want to grow up. Back then my answer was, “Yes, I do!” Now, however, i realize just how right they were and catch myself saying the same thing to my little ones!

  133. It’s not so much a saying, but an action. If we asked for a treat (a check-out candy or a drink from McDonald’s), then Mom said no. She liked to give treats but only when she wanted to, not when we wanted her to. I do the same thing with my kids. I always tell them that if they ask, it’s no longer a treat.

  134. My parents used to say “no pain, no gain” and I use it with my kids and myself all the time now!

  135. Can I change the question a little? I grew up in a extremely abusive home, every time I tried something new, my mother would in a derogitory way, are you sure you can do it? So I changed it to be encouraging to my son. I say with a smile on my face, If you think you can do it, than go for it!

  136. Mine would be: Eat your vegetables! I say that a lot to my younger brother nowadays since he’s such a meat-and-potatoes sort of guy.

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