New Moves

We went to a football game last night because Jazz’s band had to play and it was unseasonably cold. We sat in the stands, on camouflage seat cushions (they are supposed to retain heat and make your butt warm and I have to say, they work!), shivering under turtlenecks, hoodies, coats, caps and gloves. We took our heaviest sleeping bag with us and all three of us (me, Kevin and Dude), shared it. Though we were bundled up, we were are numb by halftime.

But that was nothing compared to poor Jazz. He had to get out on the field, in paper-thin britches, the kind where the wind just blows right through, and not only play, but focus on his formations.

We heard, through Jazz, that his band director was not happy with their 4th place win last week in the Valhalla Festival. All he said was, “we can do better.” I was a bit annoyed that he said that, especially since they didn’t even make finals in last year’s Valhalla. But whatever. I think the kids know in their hearts they did well and I know Jazz feels proud of their accomplishment.

The band director complained that the judges didn’t know what they were talking about. I don’t know what those constructive comments are, but suffice it say, one of them must have been something about the band not moving enough because in last night’s performance, they had some new moves.

And they were awesome.

I think the director is really on track with these new additions. It transforms the whole show and makes it not only classy, but fun as well. In addition, they now have an announcer who explains the importance of color and how it affects our lives. (The show’s theme is “Light Evolving.”)

Jazz is supposed to go back to school today for an afternoon practice. I hope the kids can really tighten it up before next weekend’s big Band of America competition in St. Louis.

Luckily, the band director dismissed the band after halftime so we were able to hobble back to my car and drive home. It took my toes a good hour to thaw.

I’m taking his uniform in to get dry cleaned today. It’s looking a bit grungy and the gauntlets (the funky things on his sleeves) are downright nasty.

Jazz also mentioned that he might like to ask a girl to the homecoming dance next Friday night and I’m totally panicking about this. Not because it would be his first “official” date, but because I have no idea, NO CLUE, how to dress him. What do the boys even wear to homecoming nowadays and where do I go to him set up?

I’m totally freaking out about this and will likely do a little research on area men’s dress shops to get ideas. (Did I mention I’m a little freaked out??)

In addition, last night was the first time we’ve had to dig our winter coats out and Jazz’s coat is embarrassingly small. In fact, his friends teased him because it looks like a little boy’s coat and I must admit, it does.

Jazz is not a little boy anymore. *sigh* So, I will also spend today trying to find a decent coat at a decent price for him, too.

By the way, the pictures from the Valhalla Festival are back. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had taken so many of Jazz. Of course, he’s on the front line most of the time, so …. 🙂

Here are the pictures. We’ll likely pick the best one and buy copies of that. They’re expensive!

Pic One

Pic Two (love the expression in this one)

Pic Three

Pic Four (he’s not happy with this one, he’s not supposed to be leaning like that).

Pic Five (I really like this one)

Pic Six (this one is good too, though. I like how it captures more band members in background)

I had no idea band was going to be this expensive. Between making lump payments (to help pay for trips, truck rentals, uniforms), the price of OUR tickets to get into these places AND pictures and DVDS, wow. But hey, we’re making memories here and Jazz is loving every minute of it, so it’s totally worth the money.

We’ll just have to budget for the next three years. 🙂