Vlogemotions: Relief

A video carnival?!

I’m SO on it!

This video carnival, aptly named Vlogemotions (get it? Video + blog + emotions = Vlogemotions) that focuses on one specific emotion per week is brought to you by Fort Thompson – a blog I recently discovered and have been glued to ever since.

Here is my emotional contribution for the week:

(Hey! I sound like an infomercial! Aaaand, I’m a fast talker. Can you keep up?)

And did I mention that if you participate you’ll be elgible to win a nifty video camera?!


Oh, well never mind. Forget I said anything. Because if I HAD told you about that, it would have reduced my chances of winning and considering this blog is all about me and my self-indulgent nature (*snort*), I want to win this little puppy for myself. 😀

Seriously, play. It’s so much fun to not only make a fool of yourself, but make a fool of yourself ON FILM.

By the way, in case you’re curious, I visited TJ Maxx and Marshalls for the first time – ever – today and I was pleasantly surprised by not just their selection but by their awesome prices. I will be shopping there again.

I also went to Sears (hello cute sporty stuff!) and bought my leather flip-flops, for half price at Shoe Carnival (because mom bought a pair of shoes for herself and they have a buy one, get one for half price thing going).

Man. If I could just hit pay dirt like I did today every time I was forced to go shopping, I COULD become a regular shopper.

Now there’s a scary thought. And I think I just heard the *THUD* of my husband passing out in the next room.

8 thoughts on “Vlogemotions: Relief”

  1. I hopped over from Tim’s to check out your vlog…you are too cute! When it comes to getting great shopping deals, I’m with you…I love it! Kind of get’s my adrenaline going!

    Good job with the video. I am soooo out of my comfort zone with mine!

  2. I’m visiting from Tim’s blog! Great job on your vlog! I’m so impressed! This was a tough assignment, wouldn’t you agree? I made about 4 or 5 videos before I was halfway satisfied with the one I finally posted just a minute ago. I’m so glad it’s behind me…but, I DID IT! We should both give ourselves big pats on the backs! Sounds like you found some awesome deals!

  3. You did a great job! Such a natural!

    I’m not a big shopper either, but like you said, “Gotta wear clothes …” sigh.

    Nothing like a great deal!

    I just recorded my first vlog today. Yay!

  4. Hey Karen – this is Betsy down in Florida…. I, too, like your fireplace – it was the first thing I noticed in your vid – then your teeth – they’re great! Then your glee at your excellent purchases. I’m not much of a shopper either – but occasionally when I feel the need to update my wardrobe a tad, I like TJ Maxx & Marshalls. In fact there’s a huge mall about 1.5 miles from my house I had never set foot in ’til a few weeks ago – a friend burdoned me at Xmas me w/ a gift card @ Macy’s & kept calling & asking “did you spend it yet?”. Well we were going to have dinner together in April and I couldn’t look her in the eye w/ some lame excuse – so I actually went to the big mall. Miracuously, I found two pairs of jeans that fit & three cute tops on a clearance rack right nearby! I was in & out in a half hour and wore one of my new Macy’s outfits to dinner w/ my friend which pleased her immensly. Can you believe my office firewall now blocks your website? I’m @ home now – I had to go all the way back to Easter to catch up because I hardly ever use my computer here.


    Super job! I was hoping to hear the snort. JK.

    That was a great job and I cant wait to see more of your posts! By the way, I so want your fireplace. It is freakin AWESOME!

    Carey hates to shop too. Never has liked it and probably never will. I have to drag her to the mall to buy her things. I think the fact that shes a CPA who is VERY tight might have something to do with it.

    Looking forward to you next week vlog already! You are entered for the camera!

    Love and Prayers,


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