Washington D.C.

On Our Way Home

Well, it’s over. Our Washington D.C. vacation is over and I totally failed to keep you all up-to-date on our activities. My intentions were good – I sat down, I stared at the screen, my fingers curled in anticipation of typing, but … I simply didn’t have the energy to write down my thoughts. I’m a big walker, but I have to say, if I don’t do any more walking for the next several weeks, it will be too soon.

We covered A LOT of Washington D.C. ground. We rode the Metro so many times that I now feel like a DC native. We got caught in rush hour foot, and Metro, traffic and I have to admit, I’m glad we don’t have the same hectic pace at home – people were running to catch the subway, which didn’t make any sense to me considering the trains ran on a five minute schedule. People were tense, snappy, and on a mission and I wish I could have spent a few hours watching them. The car traffic was INSANE and there wasn’t a fifteen minute interval that someone didn’t honk their horn in anger. Washington D.C. has diagonal streets, circles and squares and you MUST BE ALERT to keep up. Sirens wailed every half hour (the EMT guys must be EXHAUSTED), there were policemen EVERYWHERE and essential roadways were blocked due to construction. I had to sleep with ear plugs in to block out the noise and activity; Washington D.C. is a convoluted snarl of humanity … and I loved every minute of it. I could easily live here.

We’re now biding our time until it’s time to go to the airport. We could make a run down to the memorials and take a few more photographs of the magnificent structures honoring our brave military men and women, but we’re toured out and it’s nice to just sit here and catch our breath (and I’m sick of sweating – it would be nice to arrive at the airport looking halfway decent as opposed to halfway melted). We’ll be leaving for the airport soon – we’re scheduled to leave at 2:55 and will be trapped inside the madness we call air travel for most of the afternoon and early evening. I hope our flights are on-time and problem-free.

I’ll post details about our trip soon – we did a lot and there’s a lot to talk about. In the meantime, have a great day and I’ll see you back in Missouri!

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  1. D.C. can be interesting. On one hand there are all the monuments, buildings and architecture to impress foreign visitors (head of states and such).
    But once you hit traffic in the region… yeah well not that I go to D.C. every day but close enough to feel the traffic. It’s as frustrating as the sights are impressive.

    But you are very right. One must be very alert as some drivers tend to have a very short patience and make their own roads.

    Good to hear you survived and had a chance to see the sights. It is an experience that is worth it 🙂

    ps. Look forward to see some pics from your trip

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