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Daring to Read the News

Do ya’ll watch/read the news?

When I was a stay-at-home mom / working from home mom, I would listen to the conservative talk radio shows every day. I also used to look/read Drudge every day.

Though I felt informed, I was miserable. Because the news is depressing, ya’ll. I guess it has to be. Who wants to read about cute puppy antics, rainbows and unicorns? That’s not exciting. It’s not something that gets people worked up, it’s not a money maker.  I get it, but damn.

When I started my job at the hospital, I neither had the time, nor the inclination, to keep track of the news. Putting some distance between me and the ugly that exists outside my four walls was actually healthy for me. I believe one should be informed but know when to step back and take a breath.

Moderation is key.

It is important to keep on top of what is happening in our world. Too many uninformed / uninterested people already exist and as a result, we have ended up with a society like we have now. However, I have found that if you read the news maybe three times a week, you’re as informed as you’re going to be. Because if you notice, the news recycles itself every day. You can listen to one radio show host and he will talk about the same topics for DAYS, ad nauseam. Dude. I got it the first time you talked about it. Let’s stick to the facts and give me a minute to make up my own damn mind, mmkay?

We don’t watch TV. Not in the traditional sense. We’ve had cable, satellite, Netflix but got rid of them when prices started going up. I’m all for entertainment but not when it costs me a 1/4 of my paycheck.

I will admit, getting rid of NetFlix was hard: I haven’t watched a movie in … six months? I’m completely out of the movie loop. But the primary reason we did it was because it’s just a time suck. Too many movies and too little time. And honestly? I often ended up feeling disappointed when I finished a movie anyway so why would I spend my time and money on something that I don’t ultimately enjoy?

Now I read books and watch WAY too much YouTube videos. I’m currently hooked this, this and this channel. (Notice a patter here? Also, this girl is WICKED creative).

I may have to ban myself from YouTube. I’ve already banned myself from Facebook. (Yep, I deactivated my account. Another time suck. Haven’t missed it – at all).

I’ve trimmed the time suck fat from my day in an attempt to write on this blog more, build our podcast, write short stories and maybe even a novel to two. I’m slowly retraining my brain to focus on more brain-friendly activities.

With all of that being said, I do try and dip a toe into real-world events now and again which leads me to the point of this blog post.

News. Here are a few of the headlines that caught my attention today.

Europe’s biggest sex festival

Um. wow. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. To promote an event that solely exists to provide an atmosphere where depraved people can go and have orgies with whomever and whatever they want is a page ripped straight from Sodom and Gomorrah. Not to sound too Christian-y, but God have mercy on their souls. Nothing like wallowing in sin to be trendy and disgusting. But hey, it’s not called free will for nothing. Good luck explaining that behavior at the judgement.

Starbucks customer ‘did not feel safe’ with officers around

Some police officers in Tempe, Ariz., say they were asked to leave a Starbucks coffee shop on the Fourth of July because a customer complained they “did not feel safe” with the cops present, according to reports.

Five officers were drinking coffee at the Starbucks location prior to their shift beginning when a barista asked them to move out of the complaining customer’s line of sight or else leave, the Tempe Officers Association wrote in a series of Twitter messages.

You know Starbucks, for a company that prides itself on “inclusion” you’re doing a rather smashing job of excluding a large demographic here. I, for one, love your coffees but won’t buy coffee  because your prices are way, WAY too high for a cup of coffee. In addition, I’m really not inclined to buy anything from you because you continue to support and condone behavior that is directly counter intuitive to what is decent and right.

Why are people so hell bent on making the police the bad guys and yet the bad guys are given free reign to act like asses and/or break the law? Why is the media trying so hard to defend people, or groups, that continually work to break laws that are in place to PROTECT society at large? It seems so ass backwards to me. So, let’s continue to demonize the very people who swear to protect us. Yeah, that makes complete sense.

Let me ask you this – if the police go away. Then what? What happens if something bad happens and you need help? Who are you going to call then? If we didn’t have laws and society rules, our world would turn into Mad Max. Have you seen that movie? People are animals. Because it’s human nature to try and get something for nothing and some people do not possess the self-control gene.

Do you really want to live in a society without a police force? Well, keep demonizing them, it might happen.

Walmart bans woman who ate half a cake in store — and then refused pay full price

Here’s proof that people have lost their every-loving minds. (I think this one might end up a short story).

In case you’re too stupid to realize this, grocery stores are where you go to replenish your stock, to BUY things you need for your home. It is NOT a place specifically designed for you to go and eat for free. The wares you see placed neatly around the store? Was not placed specifically for you. I know, I know, this may come as a shock to you but take a breath and consider, for just a moment, that a company that builds a store and then offers things for people to buy did not specifically offer this service so that you could go, at your leisure, and start eating whatever you feel like eating, you dumb ass. Get over yourself.

For the love of God, what is wrong with people.

Okay. I need to walk away.

Now I remember why I stopped reading the news.

People are stupid, self absorbed and evil.

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In the News

It’s Time to Make People Accountable for Their Snarky Attitudes – Deny Them Services

I saw this on Twitter the other day and thought it was really interesting – both in principal and in how people responded to it. I was also impressed and encouraged.

I came across a page on facebook that was created (by someone under a ficticious name) thats purpose is to bully, ridicule and say mean and hurtful things about their class mates. While visiting the page, I found several teenage girls that have scheduled sessions with me for their senior pictures. I am emailing them tomorrow to cancel their shoots. I do not want them to represent my business and I am beside myself at how MEAN and CRUEL they were on that page.


This photographer had a few shoots scheduled with some teenage girls. (I’m assuming they were senior pictures, though I suppose the girls could have been in college. Being mean doesn’t have an age limit). Apparently, the photographer ran across a page that her clients had set up for the sole purpose of ridiculing, and bullying (because let’s call it what it is), other people. She was so disturbed by the sheer meanness that she made an executive decision to cancel the sessions with them. Her rationale being, how could she possibly photograph them and make them as beautiful as possible when they were such ugly people on the inside.

I say – BRAVO.

If more people would take a stand whenever other people do stupid things, like be mean to each other on a public forum, or open their mouths before thinking, or do something completely asinine, then perhaps the world would be a nicer place to live.

Just sayin’.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the risk this woman is taking and the risks involved in refusing to provide a service based on our self-imposed moral guidelines. But at some point, and I believe that point is here and now, we need to stand up and say ENOUGH with the bitchy, it’s all about me and puffing up my self-worth attitudes. It’s time to get over ourselves and bring back COURTESY and RESPECT for our fellow human beings.

I’m so tired of people thinking they can act however they want to act and not have to worry about consequences. WRONG. We need to start making sure there are consequences for stupid choices. Whether that’s jail time for stealing, driving school for reckless driving, school suspension for disrupting class, or deliberately posting something cruel on the Internet behind the cover of “anonymity” – there are, or SHOULD BE, consequences for our stupidity. (And just in case you were not aware of it, the ONLY way to stay completely anonymous on the Internet is to never post anything. I can assure you, people are becoming more savvy when it comes to finding faces behind the fake names – so if you don’t want something that you posted online to come back and bite you in the butt later in life – don’t post it).

I realize that people makes mistakes – we’re all human, we have all weak moments. But the more we overlook these moments, the more we try and excuse them away (well, she comes from a broken home, or well, she’s under a lot of stress right now), the more we condition ourselves to just endure it and eventually accept it. And the more we accept or overlook, the worse it gets because being human, we push the envelope, we take it to the next level, we see how much we can get away with before we’re forced to pay the piper.

When do we say enough is enough? We all talk about how we wish things were different, how we wish people would be more considerate and then when an opportunity presents itself and we have a chance to take a stand, we either chicken out for fear of public ridicule or we excuse it away, thereby giving the person who is acting like an ass a free pass.

So yeah. I say kudos to this photographer for taking a stand, as well as a risk, and sticking to her morals. We ALL need to start sticking up for our morals.

Political correctness be damned.


In the News

Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients, Parents Blamed for Failing Kids, Dept of Education is Armed?

What should America be focused on — sex scandals or the sorry state of our country right now?

Do I really need to answer that?

While the rest of America has been transfixed on Wiener Gate …

(Seriously people — he’s a sick man who has proven he can’t exercise self-control in his personal life, let alone his professional life and by the way, I listened to a debate on Hannity’s radio show yesterday where the guy was actually trying to convince America that what Wiener did was normal by today’s standards. Now granted, there is a lot of sick stuff that goes on via the Internet but I would HOPE it’s not considered NORMAL behavior. WOW. JUST WOW).

… other, more important, things have been happening.

I spent WAY too much time yesterday and this morning looking up interesting news stories. Stories much more interesting than yet another sex scandal by our sleazy politicians. (I blame reality TV for America’s obsession with distasteful sex stunts).

I’m going to post my tweets here (the links are clickable) and my thoughts on each.

Ready? Brace yourselves. A lot has been happening:!/writefromkaren/status/78154531497705472

From Biblical Conservatism:

Last week, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into a law a bill that requires drug tests for welfare recipients.

As you can imagine, Democrats are going nuts over this.

Their [Democrats’] only reasonable claim is that this law is unconstitutional because it is forcing people to take a drug test without probable cause (a supposed violation of the 4th Amendment). This may sound plausible at first, until you understand the Constitution better. First and foremost, the Constitution provided against unlawful search and seizure in terms of accusing someone of a crime, not as it pertains to receipt of public money in benefits (considering the Founders never intended the government to handle those situations anyway). Secondly, many, many jobs require a person to pass a drug test as a condition of hire.

Here’s the point: Those who are employed are receiving other people’s money in exchange for performing some sort of physical or intellectual labor (that is the simple definition of a job) and THEY are frequently asked to take a drug test as a condition of employment. Those receiving public assistance are receiving other people’s money WITHOUT performing some sort of physical or intellectual labor (aka free money) so why shouldn’t they be required to prove that they are not using drugs?

I completely agree. These programs exist to assist people who truly need help. The food stamp program does not exist in order for people to purchase lobster and steaks and then resell them later. If we assign/enforce restrictions on government assisted programs, then perhaps more of these programs would go to people who TRULY need the help and not to people who choose to make a living mooching off the taxpayers.!/writefromkaren/status/78484784921313280

To an extent, yes. Parents are responsible for making sure their kids get to school, stay in school, do the work they are required to do, and dole out punishment for not following through. (Which translated into us taking away the boys’ entertainment for us – video games, computer games, TV – until they focused their energies back onto their studies).

Parents are also responsible for teaching their children personal responsibility and the value of education. Parents need to teach children the importance of taking it seriously and doing well. It’s also crucial for parents to stay involved with their children’s scholastic life. I think too many parents view school as a make-shift babysitter. Just because our children are away from us for six hours doesn’t mean our responsibility ends for six hours.

If you have a few minutes, the comments on the article are definitely worth reading.!/writefromkaren/status/78485404944310272

After the Department of Education raided the home of a Stockton man Tuesday morning, officials said the search was part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

The search warrant is part of a criminal investigation and not because of unpaid student financial aid loans.

However, the official would not say why the department is investigating the Wrights.


Question: why does the Department of Education even have the AUTHORITY to raid your home to begin with? Why does the Department of Education, as an agency, even allowed to have guns?

The Department of Education?!?

The couple is separated and the wife, who this whole ordeal is about, wasn’t even living with him. Could they not have investigated that before breaking this man’s door down and scaring his children half to death?

From Mark Levine’s radio show on June 8, 2011:

“Did you know that the Department of Education has agents that are armed? Did you know that most of our federal departments do?

Which departments have the power to send local police to send in SWAT teams?

What’s next, debtor’s prisons?

Someone in the House of Representatives needs to look into the power behind these agencies. And how many of them actually have armed agents? Because most of them shouldn’t and don’t need them. The Secretary of Education has some answering to do.

Can you say “nanny state,” ladies and gentlemen? This is just a preview of how our country will be run, how we won’t have the freedom to make our own decisions before long, if we don’t put a stop to our power-hungry government.

This stuff is real, folks. It’s happening right now, all around us. It’s time we said STOP.!/writefromkaren/status/78567748128616448

I find it incredibly sad that parents have to be taught how to play with their youngsters nowadays.

Kids are resilient. And playing around with them teaches them limits, what to do, what not to do, and how to respond if they get hurt. It also teaches them about their bodies and shows them their physical limitations.

Have we coddled our children so much that we now have to be taught how to physically interact with them?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I find this bizarre.!/writefromkaren/status/78861239777886208

Our president is poison to our economy, people. It’s time for a POSITIVE change.!/writefromkaren/status/78863836576362496

This seems a little “out there” for me, but the underlying message is legitimate: we have become a sedentary nation. As I tell Dude, day after day after day, (after day), our bodies are not designed to sit around all day long. We need to get up, move, exercise, etc.

“You’re tired because you haven’t done anything all day.” (A common sentence in our household).

Just a friendly reminder to leave your computer once in a while and LIVE your life.!/writefromkaren/status/78934623949815809

Once again, Obama proves that he thinks himself above the law.

This man has GOT to go.

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