Bullet Journal

April Bullet Journal Cover

Not exactly earth shattering – bunnies = Easter, but I thought it was cute and different and I liked the colors, which I sort of kept to, you’ll see in April’s spreads. I wish I could draw bunnies, but alas, I don’t wish to offend any bunnies out there by trying.

I didn’t journal very much this month. I didn’t have a whole lot to say. *GASP* Quick! Mark that down in your calendars, but really, this month just sort of glided along. We’re still crazy short handed at work but somehow, we’re all making it work because WE’RE THE BOSS, and that’s all I’ve had energy for this month, just surviving work.

Weather has been good. Lots of sunshine and 60-degree days. The winds are coming though, which means tornado season will be upon us soon, but so far, so good.

Our youngest son, Brandon, turned 26 this month. Our BABY is 26 years old. *SIGH* It’s so weird to have children in their m-d to-late twenties. That means, we’re OLD. But I don’t FEEL old, until, I look closely in a mirror and then I’m reminded that I’m no longer a spring chicken.

Just wait, you young whippersnappers out there, you’ll see what I mean when you get to be my age. I look my age but I FEEL like I’m still in my 30’s.

Sort of sucks when reality doesn’t match your inner self.

Anyway …

Here are pictures of my March spreads – prepare to be AMAZED. *snort*

The cover page and my steps. I like the green and black – really pops. Don’t ask me why I put a arrow-thing design on the bottom of the page. I did that with my April steps page, too. All I know is that I have a packet of cool design templates and I’m dying to use them.

So there.

Didn’t do as good on my steps this month. You can really tell when I was off work and/or it was the weekend. I literally sit around all day on my days off. I’m staring at my Kindle or staring at my computer monitor. I do a lot of staring. If I stared a little less I would probably be a lot more productive. But some days, my brain is just, “NOPE.”

Another Earth shattering weather and sleep spread. Again – I don’t know WHY I like keeping track of the weather. It’s just something my brain refuses to give up. I’m old. Aren’t old people supposed to be obsessed with the weather?

Don’t answer that.

And if I were to guess what my average sleep hours? About 7 … ish. I could add up all of those sleep hours up and figure it out but I’m tired and my brain is all “NOPE.”

My habit trackers and my mood tracker.

Let’s all address the elephant in the room, shall we? I didn’t write a damn word or walk a damn step (outside of work) all month.

Yep, I’m a loser.

I also didn’t post anything on my Instagram but who am I kidding? I don’t even like Instagram all that much and I’m changing habits next month to something I might actually accomplish.

As you can see on my mini calendar, (because let’s face it, I’m not busy enough to warrant a FULL size calendar), I was off for a few days, (why does it feel like that happened months ago instead of weeks ago? That can’t be a good sign), Brandon turned 26 and Blake had all of his wisdom teeth cut out this month.

He spent the night with us the night he had them done because you just never know how people will react when put under anesthesia. (We could hardly get him to go home the next day because he was enjoying being babied so much. Ha!)

And my moods … cute turtles, right? However, I hated not having more than four emotions to choose from because let’s face it, I’m a complicated woman and I feel a minimum of 60 different emotions throughout my day and it annoyed me, (see?? Another emotion), that I didn’t have emotions to color in. I mean, sure, I had a lot of “meh” days, and thankfully, not very many sad days and probably too many mad days, but I was also productive, giddy, annoyed, irritated, and every other emotion you can name. So, I’ll be changing that up this next month but I had fun coloring in the turtles.

Hush, it was therapeutic.

Here is my reading tracker, (read 5 books this month, not bad), did three podcasts and worked/finished my Patreon. My writing tracker is pathetic but hopefully that gets better with time.

The rest of my pages are my actual journal pages and of course, I’m not sharing those pages. (Especially now that my co-workers have found my blog and have discovered that I’m an INTERNATIONAL SUPER BLOGGER.)

I try and stay humble but it’s not always easy.

Here’s one of my favorite bullet journal videos from April. I have such a fascination for watching people paint and just be artistic. I envy their talent. I mean, I have to use templates, for Pete’s sake, and I don’t even do that well.

Anyway, enjoy! And please consider supporting your favorite creators by joining their Patreon! It’s only a few dollars per month but to the creator, it’s priceless.