Bullet Journal

July Bullet Journal Cover

What I wouldn’t give to be on this beach right about now. I wonder if Kevin and I will ever be able to travel again? Because we’re NOT getting the vaccine and if they require a vaccine passport – well, I guess we’ll just stick to traveling the good ole USA.

(Which reminds me – we probably need another trailer update soon).

Makes me sad though. I MISS cruising. I MISS tropical places. Maybe we’ll be able to go back … someday.

July is here – which means time will speed up as soon as the 4th is over and we’ll soon be putting our Christmas trees back up.

I really wish time would slow down. Like – every day is as long as three days. Or something like that. I’m so tired of getting up, working, coming home, sleeping and doing it all over the next day.

You can read about my June here. As far as today – I spent my day completely revamping Dr. S’s clinic schedules for next week. The office is closed on Monday, so Tuesday, I’ll be in clinic with Dr. S, in clinic with Dr. M on Wednesday, Thursday is my catch up and get ready for the following week’s clinics, then another clinic with Dr. S on Friday. Dr. S is on call on Friday so she wanted to go ahead and see a few patients that day since she will likely be hanging out at the hospital anyway.

The day ended with some asshole yelling a voicemail and demanding to call him back – at 4:20 – we close at 4:30 PM.

I didn’t call him back. Screw him. I’m not starting my weekend off being yelled out by some jackass.

I’m also SUPER annoyed with the CEO of our hospital right now. Let me show you why:

Words do not even describe how incredibly annoyed I am with this dude right about now. Shut up?!? Really? Wow. Way to exhibit some stellar leadership skills there, Mr. CEO. So many thoughts … so little time. But let me summarize it for you – just listen to my rants on my podcast and you’ll know exactly how I feel about this sh*t. In fact, we’ll be covering this in this week’s podcast – stay tuned.

*takes a breath*

But I digress. Here are this month’s journal pages.

I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with VW Vans. They’re just so cute. And I am DIGGING this picture, ya’ll. What a perfect little beach getaway van. I’m also digging the color combination this month – aqua and orange. Sand and sky.

Did pretty decent on my steps this month. Save for the days I threw my back out and was hobbling around like an old(er) lady. That sucked.

And just look at those cheesy stencils.

Weather, sleep, stickers and stamps. I got fancy this month. *snort* I did not do that great on my sleep this month. I think I slept 10 hours one day this month. Hence, one of the reasons I’m a walking zombie most days. Now you know.

Zero numbers on my writing tracker. Don’t tell me you’re surprised. I’m not. My day job sucks every last creative thought out of my head – I have nothing left when I get home. But I’m going to continue making these trackers because I will eventually get tired of them not being filled out and I will write something.

Just don’t expect it to happen any time soon.

Trackers – meh. They look a bit better this month but not by much. Still digging my mood tracker. I like to summarize my day. The two days of pain – yeah – I really don’t want to repeat those any time soon.

Side note: I bought a yoga mat and I plan on taking up beginning yoga. I need to stretch my muscles. I don’t want to be one of these sad arthritic old(er) people.

And here’s a pic of a VW Van just because this blog is my space and they make me happy.

I wish I was as talented as this bullet journal artist. I just love watching her draw – so impressive.

Peace out, ya’ll.